Zodiac – for June 2019

Aries Zodiac


You will be recognised at work and will gain greater control, but it is also a period of disturbance. Do not take impetuous decisions, take advice of seniors and elders. Help others and enable them to elevate their positions. Think before you speak or act. Auspicious Colours: Yellow, Red Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 9. Beneficial Days: Monday, Thursday

Taurus Zodiac


Expected gains will not occur at the workplace, but you will not lose either. Continue to work patiently on the projects in hand, this is a period to consolidate your learning and experience. Do not lose heart. Results will follow later. Auspicious Colours: White, Yellow. Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 6. Beneficial Days: Thursday, Friday.

Gemini Zodiac


You will be feeling loquacious, and you’ll be getting involved in discussions you wouldn’t normally choose to be a part of. Exchanging ideas through these conversations will be immensely entertaining— gaining new insight into the people you thought you knew like the back of your hand will tickle you pink. Auspicious Colours: Yellow, White Lucky Numbers: 3, 6. Beneficial Days: Thursday, Friday

Cancer Zodiac


There is something to be said for tradition—it is dependable and comforting, and it can offer a real sense of purpose. But it won’t provide excitement. And your soul needs more excitement, so traditional behaviours are out. Put a new spin on things and try an unconventional approach. Auspicious Colours: Green, Yellow. Lucky Numbers: 5, 7. Beneficial Days: Wednesday, Friday.

Leo Zodiac


Inspiration is never a sure thing, but you can count on it. So, if you are trying to think of a great birthday gift, a killer idea for a vacation or just a way to renovate your wardrobe, you’ll find the creative spark you need with little (if any) trouble. Auspicious Colours: Blue, Red. Lucky Numbers: 1, 3. Beneficial Days: Saturday, Sunday.

Virgo Zodiac


You may get a glimpse of what will happen if you don’t move on, or you may be shown the possibilities of what can happen to your life if you do. It can be difficult to accept when something is over, but it is better to do so. Auspicious Colours: Red, White. Lucky Numbers: 1, 9. Beneficial Days: Thursday, Sunday.

Libra Zodiac


The little issues in your life are lining themselves up in a row, getting ready for you to tackle them. It’s all falling into place! There is a strong ‘can do’ attitude in you right now, and you are ready to leap headfirst into any situation and take it over. Auspicious Colours: Yellow, Green. Lucky Numbers: 2, 5. Beneficial Days: Thursday, Friday.

Scorpio Zodiac


A small drama will direct you towards a major transition, and you need to make the most of it. If you let yourself be more outgoing now, you’ll be able to connect with other people more effectively in a public environment. Too much introspection will make you self-inhibited and shy. Auspicious Colours: Blue, Red. Lucky Numbers: 4, 8. Beneficial Days: Monday, Wednesday.

Sagittarius Zodiac


Don’t fret about the recent downturn in your social and/or love life—it is a blessing in disguise. There’s been more bubbling under the surface than you realize, and you have got to mull a few things over. Try to ponder over your options more than usual. Auspicious Colours: White, Blue. Lucky Numbers: 6, 9. Beneficial Days: Tuesday, Wednesday.

Capricorn Zodiac


You can’t always count on other people to give you the round of applause you deserve every day. But an unexpected twinge of guilt could sneak up on you after a proud moment. This is healthy—your humility is reminding you to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. Auspicious Colours: Green, Blue. Lucky Numbers: 1, 2. Beneficial Days: Tuesday, Sunday.

Aquarius Zodiac


Stop your forward movement—cut your engines and come to a complete stop if you must. There are few things that you need to understand before you choose a direction. Other people’s motives are sometimes hard to discern, and you shouldn’t assume that you know exactly what is going on. Auspicious Colours: Green, Blue. Lucky Numbers: 4, 6. Beneficial Days: Monday, Tuesday.

Pisces Zodiac


Making connections is important today. You should call upon your charm, perseverance, and attention to detail to help you make the most out of the opportunities at hand. In the aspect of career, sending out some feeler emails to people you know in the biz could yield some very interesting leads. Auspicious Colours: White, Green. Lucky Numbers: 3, 6. Beneficial Days: Sunday, Tuesday.

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