Zodiac – for December 2018

Aries Zodiac


This month is going to be prominent to you on an interpersonal level. Reflect on your long-term goals and tactics on how you can achieve them. Make sure they are realistic and inspire you to work hard for them. You might have experienced loss this year and it has changed you. You need to stabilise your emotions and mindset. Lucky number: 3,8,9 Lucky Colours: Red and Yellow

Taurus Zodiac


You will take ownership at your workplace and this will change the environment around. Relax yourself with family this will bring you together. It is time to stop obsessing over petty things, or you will be stressed the whole month. Lucky numbers: 3,6,8 Lucky Colour: White, Blue and Yellow

Gemini Zodiac


You will understand the importance of family and friendships this month. Seek advice from elders, this will help you in solving the crisis. Avoid having crisis or fights with colleagues at home. Analyse your actions before you do it. Lucky numbers: 5,8,9 Lucky Colours: Green and Red

Cancer Zodiac


This month is excellent for career prospectus. Unexpected financial gains. Old issues will resolve, and you will find yourself at peace. Take important decisions after due consultation with friends, family and colleagues. It is good time for students to take career leap. Lucky numbers: 2,3,6 Lucky Colours: White, Pink and Yellow

Leo Zodiac


Expenses can go out of control. Consult your elders before taking any decision. Singles may find some marriage prospectus. Try to spend some time with your friends, avoid taking any hasty decisions in property or estate matter. There will be some auspicious matter in your family. Lucky numbers: 1,5,9 Lucky colours: Orange, Red and Green

Virgo Zodiac


Control anger as it will affect near and dear ones. You will notice some progress at your work. Travel will be beneficial to you. Be sensitive to your spouse. Take care of your health as carelessness will hamper it. Lucky Numbers: 2,5,6 Lucky Colours: Green, White and Pink

Libra Zodiac


Their will be change in your workplace. Avoid haste and seek advice of elders when taking important decisions. Make time for your friends and family. They will give you peace. Your worry about your finances will end this month. Maintain cordial relations with colleagues. Lucky Numbers: 1,5,6 Lucky Colours: Orange, Green and White

Scorpio Zodiac


Your workplace will bring good news. Those in business will do profit. Control your aggression, its time to take your time off from some fights. Beware of being cheated by someone you know. Travel will be beneficial. Lucky Numbers: 2,5,9 Lucky Colours: Red and Green

Sagittarius Zodiac


Control your expenses. Favourable situations will prevail if you work hard. Avoid travelling, if possible. Don’t get entangled in new relationship that could turn into moral dilemma. Reach out to your friends and family in case of any crisis. Avoid misunderstandings with your spouse. Lucky Numbers: 1,3,6 Lucky Colours: Yellow and Brown

Capricorn Zodiac


Concentrate on your office, there are chances of getting promotion. Take your own decision after much thought, otherwise you’ll be misled. Avoid getting into fights or getting aggressive with your spouse. Students need to work hard. Lucky Numbers: 5,8,9 Lucky Colours: Blue, Green and Red

Aquarius Zodiac


Job transfer may surprise you. Try to avoid any forbidden action at work. Try and dispel some misunderstandings with your spouse before it gets worse. Health needs attention. Lucky Numbers: 3,6,8 Lucky Colours: Black, White and Yellow

Pisces Zodiac


Financial gains are indicated at property related matters. Government employees will benefit. Overseas travel will be beneficial. Try to spend some time with your family. Lucky Numbers: 3,8,9 Lucky Colours: Yellow, Blue and Red

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