Zodiac – for August 2018

Aries Zodiac


Chances of re-uniting with your old friend this month. Avoid any bad thoughts or greed, especially in the work place. Keep you finances on track and take care of your parents. There are also side effects of marital life; You may have to face them today. Lucky number: 8 Lucky Colour: Pink and Orange

Taurus Zodiac


A friend can take a test of your patience and understanding. Avoid bypassing your values and take every decision logically. Avoid long-term investments and spend some happy moments by going out with your friends. Visiting your relatives can be a good idea. Do not hesitate when it comes to apologising in a relationship. Lucky number: 4 Lucky Colour: Yellow, White

Gemini Zodiac


You should take control of yourself, because anger is harmful to everyone and it eliminates the power of thinking. You may not have to listen to your love. Due to sudden travel, you may become victim of turmoil and stress. After going through tough times in marital life, you will feel some relief now. Lucky number: 2 Lucky Colour: Red and Pastel

Cancer Zodiac


You may have to go to the hospital due to problems related to health, so caution is expected. Avoid living your life in “You only have one day to live” attitude and do not spend much time and money on entertainment. You can feel emotionally because of a dispute with your spouse. Lucky number: 5 Lucky Colour: Green

Leo Zodiac


It is a good day for the domestic affairs and the long pending work of the house. Good day for freshness and fun, but if you are working, then there is a need for caution in business dealings. Avoid joining people who can hurt your reputation. Lucky number: 4 Lucky Colour: Grey and Maroon

Virgo Zodiac


Your temperamental behaviour can cause problems for health. Today you need to focus on land, real estate or cultural projects. Do not make any promises until you know that you will complete it at every cost. If there is a plan to go out, then it can be avoided at the last moment. Lucky number: 2 Lucky Colour: Blue

Libra Zodiac


Try to improve your health and personality for a better life. Investment in jewellery and antique will be profitable and will bring prosperity. Extramarital affair can fade away your reputation. There are also side effects of marital life; You may have to face them today. Lucky number: 5 Lucky Colour: Pink

Scorpio Zodiac


Avoid pessimistic attitude because not only will it reduce your chances, but also disturb the body’s internal balance. There will be financial improvements on the day’s climb. People will ask you for your opinion and whatever you say will accept it without thinking. If you do not take care of your things, then they are likely to lose or steal. Lucky number: 6 Lucky Colour: Red and Pink

Sagittarius Zodiac


Some tensions and differences can make you irritable and restless. Your non-realistic plans can reduce your money. Do not fall under the pressure of others while making important business deals. Be polite and pleasant to everyone who met you. Very few people will know the secret of your attraction. Lucky number: 3 Lucky Colour: Gold

Capricorn Zodiac


Do not spend too much money on entertainment and amusement resources. Friends and closest people will help you towards your help. If you believe that there is only money, then you must take the necessary steps to get your abilities to the top. While chatting with important people, choose your words carefully. Lucky number: 3 Lucky Colour: Brown and Yellow

Aquarius Zodiac


Avoid telling the wrong things at the wrong time. Do not waste time finding your beloved’s hounds. Some people will get a boost in the workspace. Your communication and working ability will prove to be effective. Your life partner can behave a little weird. But do not let your patience be broken. Lucky number: 1 Lucky Colour: Orange

Pisces Zodiac


Smile will remain on your face this month and strangers will also feel familiar. Do not spend too much time on the entertainment and beauty. You can overcome all difficulties with endurance and peace. Today you need to focus on important matters. Avoid arguments. Lucky number: 8 Lucky Colour: Violet and White

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