Zodiac – for May 2019

Aries Zodiac


This is an extremely important month for you, both in terms of love and work; many exciting surprises are awaiting you over the course of the year. You will have a hard time being polite towards your loved ones. Your hard work is getting you closer and closer to achieving your goals, so hang in there and keep going! Lucky number: 1, 3 Lucky Colour: Orange and Green

Taurus Zodiac


Your personal focus is like a razor’s edge this month of May 2019. Family responsibilities and involvement may take you away from the personal desires and plans. Don’t struggle with the challenges or try to escape the duties. Sitting with patience with family issues can bring true release by late June. Lucky Number: 4, 5 Lucky Colour: Red and Brown

Gemini Zodiac


People and circumstances enter your life now that open you up to new experiences in relating. This would be all kinds of relationships: intimate, friendship, family and the world at-large. Travel is certainly amped up for you and there is much learning to be gained from those travels. Try something different this May 2019 with money. Lucky Number: 2,7 Lucky Colour: Gold

Cancer Zodiac


It may seem that life resembles a boulder blocking the mouth of a cave. That would be a cave that is holding you prisoner. This is a good time to do an assessment of the past months. Check off the events. What wisdom have you gained during this time? This might be a heavy month for you but always count your blessings. Lucky Number: 2,6 Lucky Colour: Copper and Red

Leo Zodiac


There is uniqueness in friendships this month. Reconnect with old friends and be open to the cultivation of new friendships. Don’t pick and choose. Rather stay open and let others pick and choose you. You may pull in some questionable characters. You will love spending time with friends and family. Lucky Number: 1,3 Lucky Colour: Yellow and Green

Virgo Zodiac


It is important to find your perspective and goal before you get your task done. Be sure to choose to talk with some experts. You can’t learn too much now, see too much or travel too far. Your mind is like a central switchboard until June. You are on a quest for truth. What you find are the colours and hues that fill your life canvas. Lucky Number: 6,7 Lucky Colour: Pink and White

Libra Zodiac


After the 18th of May 2019, you will have a chance to journey backwards. At first, it may seem like your drive has become like milk-toast. It is, however, the reverse. You indeed will have entered a sort of Alice-in-Wonderland kind of experience. Lucky Number: 3,6 Lucky Colour: Red and Yellow

Scorpio Zodiac


If no one was watching and you knew that you would not be judged, would you let your hair down and play? Why not dedicate this month to doing just that – playing? The energies are right for the experience and you will find playmates. You will find your new confidants and friends, you will reach your glow and goal, if you try hard enough! Lucky Number: 2,8 Lucky Colour: White and Red

Sagittarius Zodiac


It may not be clear at the moment, but your actions are setting you up for career success. Keep your network connections active even though they may look like they are dragging. Wherever you encounter challenges, know that they will turn toward fortune in some basic way. Lucky Number: 3,9 Lucky Colour: Green and Blue

Capricorn Zodiac


You will find a level of friendship here that calls out to the inner child in you. In turn this connection will allow you to play the guru role for someone younger or less experienced than yourself. Before the month is over, take a break; even a rock benefits from a change of scenery every once in a while. Lucky Number: 1,8 Lucky Colour: Green and Pink

Aquarius Zodiac


The river of life continues to move in uncertain rhythms and tides. Along with those uncertainties lie frustrations and puzzlement, perhaps to the point of tears. There must be some divine message in these experiences. Give yourself some time to palpate various emotions. Once you are there you can lead others to new freedoms. Isn’t that what your life is all about? Lucky Number: 5,9 Lucky Colour: White and Navy Blue

Pisces Zodiac


This month is all about hustling and expect no result and don’t complain. You will definitely see result of your hard work but later. Instead count your blessings, for indeed you are in planetary graces. And those graces set you free. They allow you to be extraordinarily creative and vastly intuitive. Lucky Number: 4,9 Lucky Colour: Silver and White

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