Zodiac – for October 2018

Aries Zodiac


Be patient with your attitude and avoid procrastination. Ones already in love may have some misunderstandings and stressed conversations. Spend time together, talk it out. Certainly, don’t let the stress affect you or your health. You may start saving money, but don’t go the unethical route to earn extra, though. As the month ends, things continue to remain a tad discomforting, but nothing can bog you down. Lucky Number: 1, 5 Lucky Colour: Red and Yellow

Taurus Zodiac


As the month begins, you are keen to enhance the lifestyle for your family. A close friend or relative may come seeking your financial help. If this person is needy, please don’t hesitate in going ahead – but if you see foul here, be open and refuse. As the month ends, plans of renovation or home improvement are high on your agenda. Lucky Number: 2,9 Lucky Colour: Green and Blue

Gemini Zodiac


The slow-paced progress makes you restless and frustrated, as the month begins. Stay optimistic and determined, as things will surely turn in your favour soon. Financial and family matters will also get sorted duly, thus. Don’t let the material and personal sphere take away your attention from rejuvenating activities and health and fitness. Lucky Number: 3, 4 Lucky Colour: Maroon

Cancer Zodiac


Your mind is over-powering your heart, as the month begins. Naturally, you are more guarded and cautious – than usual. Turn your mind to self-growth and development, you may travel for work/ business – and this looks set to be gainful. Of course, you are busy, but this is not an excuse to ignore your health. Romance blooms too, but there also are chances of confusions and pipe dreams. Finances get a boost; you may get recognition too. Lucky Number: 2, 4 Lucky Colour: Tangerine

Leo Zodiac


You are worried about unexpected extra expenditure, when the month begins. Personal realm takes on a dull tone too. The planetary position may aggravate your troubles, making it difficult for you to find peace and calm, required to focus. Keep a neutral stance, when there are issues with your siblings or relatives. Inheritance issues, if there have been any in the past, are likely. Let this pass! Work, education and material endeavours remain hectic and buzzing. Lucky Number: 3, 6 Lucky Colour: Green and Pink

Virgo Zodiac


You are happy at the month’s beginning. Some windfall gains are behind this happiness, it seems. But then, what comes – goes too – when an unexpected expense sets you back a bit. Or, a loss is likely. Stay cautious. Avoid lending money to someone in the family – unless you are sure about this person. This time may be quite busy for you, especially on the occupational front. But, don’t shirk your responsibilities at home. Find balance! Married fellows trying to conceive a baby, since long may have the cosmic support now. Lucky Colour: 7, 8 Lucky Colour: Turquoise

Libra Zodiac


Planets bring good news for business-people and entrepreneurs, when the month begins. Be patient and stay focused. Nothing can stop you from making a good profit now. Relationships – on all fronts – remain unsatisfactory, though. Ones looking for a cure to an old health issue may stumble upon an alternative cure now. Be on the lookout! You may meet some of your relatives; there may be a function or ceremony at home. You get love and attention from your family members. But, take time to conserve your energies, as the month ends. Lucky Colour: 3, 6 Lucky Colour: Red

Scorpio Zodiac


Struggles and delay test your endurance. So, go with the flow. Sun and Mercury together provide necessary intellectual impetus, helping you feel confident and sure of yourself. Be careful, while dealing with your siblings and cousins – or even a neighbour. Now - plan well and ahead – if you are travelling for work or social reasons. If you are studying in the side, heavy work pressure may not give you time to study, in month’s latter part. Love takes a back-seat, though. Health needs care. Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Brown

Sagittarius Zodiac


As the month begins, thoughts of honing your communication skills and personality are on your agenda. You are also dreaming of making a handsome gain – from a recent project. Well, things may be delayed a bit. But, don’t worry, for if you have justifiably done your work – your sustained efforts will surely bring positive rewards. At work, the peaceful vibe makes you happy. Nonetheless, you may gain from a foreign connection. Sun and Jupiter will also prompt you to spend for charity, a social cause or a religious event. Just don’t go overboard! Lucky Number: 2 Lucky Colour: Light Blue

Capricorn Zodiac


Be practical in relationships and partnerships, as the month begins. Anxiety will pull you down, so try to keep a neutral, unaffected stance. Handle finances related matters with utmost caution. A disturbance in family needs your attention. Be available and handle tactfully. You may even be travelling for work/ business at this time. Be vigilant, while dealing with new people. If you are traveling, you may feel uncomfortable. In personal realm too, a downturn may be visible. Just move ahead with caution. Lucky Number: 4 Lucky Colour: Light Green

Aquarius Zodiac


There is no alternative to sustained hard work, remind you the stars – as the month begins. Short cuts work for short periods of time! So, steer clear of anything that appears too easy, too shiny or too quick. Naturally, work takes the centre-stage – with lots happening there. Amidst this busyness, don’t forget your health. There may be delays and missed chances; but stay on course. Work on your strength and fitness; cut stress and bad food. In personal relations or business partnerships, confusion and anger may not let you see clearly. Find balance! Lucky Number: 9 Lucky Colour: Purple

Pisces Zodiac


Things won’t be easy on the routine front; work too looks set to be hectic – in month’s first week. Being anxious and restless will only worsen the situation –and your health. Go with the flow! Don’t take to heart, what someone says. They may not even be serious, for all you know. Be wary – don’t trust people/ projects on face value. Dig deep; don’t be hasty. This material buzz takes away your focus from personal and love realm. Are you already feeling detached? Look within – who knows, the fault may be in your own attitude. Pleasures of sin are also likely – should you be willing! As the month ends, love is all mushy – but as they say, excess of everything is troublesome. Steer clear of over-possessive behaviour. Lucky Number: 5 Lucky Colour: Teal and Yellow

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