Zodiac – for March 2019

Aries Zodiac


Aries: This will be a great month in terms of finance, career and travel. Students must work extra hard. Take care of your health. An excursion or picnic will be enjoyable. Lucky colours: Yellow, Red Lucky Number: 1

Taurus Zodiac


Taurus: Luck will be your side this month. A pleasant change of office or residence is likely. Avoid travel if possible. Friends, colleagues and family will stand by you. Lucky Colours: Black, Blue Lucky Number: 5

Gemini Zodiac


Gemini: Do not let aggression overpower you. A promotion may be on the cards. Things will be in your favour at the work front. You may splurge on a picnic or holiday. Lucky Colours: Black, Blue Lucky Number: 6

Cancer Zodiac


Cancer: Sudden financial gains will be the highlight of the month. Travel is on the cards. Take care of your health. To avoid misunderstandings, stay away from trouble! Lucky Colours: Yellow, White Lucky Number: 9

Leo Zodiac


Leo: A transfer may take you to a new place. Luck will be by your side on the professional front. Avoid taking any hasty decisions. Lucky Colours: Red, Orange Lucky Number: 3

Virgo Zodiac


Virgo: Students must work hard. You may travel abroad. This is overall a happy month for you. Minor turbulence at work will only be temporary. Lucky Colours: White, Green Lucky Number: 8

Libra Zodiac


Libra: Watch your words to avoid straining relations. Chase your ambitions and dreams, luck is in your favour! Shifting or relocating to another location is possible. Lucky Colours: Green, White Lucky Number: 8

Scorpio Zodiac


Scorpio: Financial benefits and excellence in education are the highlight of your month. Take care of your health. New relationships will bring you happiness. Lucky Colours: Red, White Lucky Number: 3

Sagittarius Zodiac


Sagittarius: A property sale or purchase will be beneficial. This is a good month on the career and finance fronts. Take care of your health and avoid traveling as far as health. Lucky Colours: Yellow, Red Lucky Number: 9

Capricorn Zodiac


Capricorn: Don’t get frustrated, things maybe a little slower than usual. A new friendship will be the highlight of the month. Overall, a happy month. Lucky Colours: Green, Blue Lucky Number: 6

Aquarius Zodiac


Aquarius: A refurbishment is likely. Sudden financial gains on the cards. A job change is possible. Try to avoid misunderstandings with your near and dear ones. Lucky Colours: White, Blue Lucky Number: 5

Pisces Zodiac


Pisces: This is overall a great month for you! Try to avoid traveling. Caution yourself from being cheated and stay away from office-politics. Lucky Colours: Orange, Yellow Lucky Number: 2

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