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Zodiac – for March 2017

Aries Zodiac


Finances look good. Good time for businessmen. Exercise control over expenses. Avoid disturbances at work and misunderstanding with friends. Don’t get distracted as concentration is the key. Avoid hurting others as words once spoken cannot be taken back. Lucky Colour: Red, White, Blue Lucky Number: 3,8,9 Lucky Day: Tue, Thur, Sat

Taurus Zodiac


Hard work key to success. Promotions or appreciations coming your way. Avoid hasty financial decisions or buying property. Health needs care. New relationships on anvil. Lucky Colour: White, Black, Blue Lucky Number: 6,8 Lucky Day: Friday, Sat

Gemini Zodiac


Finances look good. A career oriented month. Success awaits in whatever you do. Sudden travel likely. Avoid quarrels with friends. Good month for students. Health good. Lucky Colour: Green, Blue, Yellow Lucky Number: 3,5,8 Lucky Day: Wed, Thur, Sat

Cancer Zodiac


Slight disturbances at work front. Financial gains likely. New relations likely to be built. Control your temper. Travel expected and beneficial. Take care of health. Lucky Colour: White, Yellow, Red Lucky Number: 2,3,9 Lucky Day: Mon, Tue, Thur

Leo Zodiac


Avoid misunderstandings with friends and colleagues. Unexpected expenses can mount and need control. Travel beneficial. Good month overall on work front. Take care of health. Lucky Colour: Orange, Red, White Lucky Number: 1,6,9 Lucky Day: Tue, Fri, Sat

Virgo Zodiac


Change in workplace likely. Work may be slow, be patient. Finances look good. Take care of health. Beware of unexpected injuries. Long distance travel beneficial. Lucky Colour: White, Green, Pink Lucky Number: 2,5,6 Lucky Day: Mon, Wed, Fri

Libra Zodiac


Students need to work extra hard. Good month for working professionals. A change in residence likely. Take care of health. Control temper to avoid straining relationships with others. Good news on the way! Lucky Colour: Green, White, Pink Lucky Number: 2,5,6 Lucky Day: Mon, Wed, Fri

Scorpio Zodiac


Overseas travel on cards. Delay major financial decisions or investments. Friends and colleagues helpful. Postpone important official work. New relationships will be built. Avoid hurting others by speech or action. Lucky Colour: Red, White, Orange Lucky Number: 1,2,9 Lucky Day: Mon, Tues, Sat

Sagittarius Zodiac


Steady growth in career. Finances good. Avoid travel if possible. Friends and colleagues will be cooperative. Good month to invest in property. Avoid laziness. Health good. Lucky Colour: Yellow, Orange, Green Lucky Number: 1,3,5 Lucky Day: Wed, Thur, Sun

Capricorn Zodiac


Transfers and change of work place likely. Unexpected financial loss likely. Take care of health. Travel beneficial. Good month for students. Take care of health. Lucky Colour: Blue, Green, White Lucky Number: 5,6,8 Lucky Day: Wed, Fri, Sat

Aquarius Zodiac


Avoid misunderstandings with friends and colleagues. Good month for working professionals. Finances satisfactory. Expense on luxury items or travel likely. Good month to deal in property matters. Students need to work hard and avoid laziness. Lucky Colour: Blue, White, Red Lucky Number: 6,8,9 Lucky Day: Tue, Fri, Sat

Pisces Zodiac


Financial gains likely. Change in workplace or a transfer could come your way. Work front a bit slow. Avoid travel if possible. Good month overall. Lucky Colour: Yellow, Red Lucky Number: 3,9 Lucky Day: Tue, Thur

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