What it takes to be an athlete?


An athlete cannot run with money in his pockets. He must run with hope in his heart and dreams in his head,” said the late Emil Zatopek, the former three times gold medal winner and Czechoslovakian long-distance runner. How true was he.
Hopes and dreams influence a person to achieve goals. An athlete also keeps his hopes ablaze and follows his dreams. What does an athlete need to do in order to achieve his goals? Only hopes and dreams definitely don’t work. An athlete has to follow a strict routine and a scheduled diet. It is no less than a penance.
An athlete has a different routine than other people. He has to control his taste buds and sacrifice on many mouthwatering cuisines. It’s here where perseverance, determination and self-control play an important part. An athlete has all these qualities and attributes because he loves what he is doing.


So, an athlete should possess love for his aspirations.
When we talk about athletes, the first thing that strikes our mind is daily heavy and long workouts. But other habits also matter a lot to become an athlete. It is rightly said that if you want to excel in something every minute aspect of it counts.
Diet is an extremely crucial part of an athlete’s routine. He has to have a diet with high carbohydrates and enough proteins.

Intake of oil is not allowed so everything is cooked in butter. Athletes mostly cook for themselves.
Other little habits are also as important as diet. An athlete should inculcate these six daily habits:
1. Never skip breakfast
2. Focus on nutrients
3. Prioritise sleep
4. Visualise goals
5. Possess self-confidence
6. Don’t worry, be happy
An athlete goes through many mental and physical challenges. This makes them even more focused and their will power increases. Even though it is a tough routine it is really worth it. The contentment of doing what you love is really beautiful.