Eating out has become a common habit for many of us. But when we go out to a restaurant, we have to keep in mind a few important Vaastu-related points about the






* The main entrance of the restaurant should ideally be from the East, North or North-East
* The reception in the restaurant should be placed in the Northern side
* The store room for raw materials and grains must be ideally placed in South, West or South-west
* Kitchen should always be in the South-east and the cook/ chef should face East while cooking
* North-east of the restaurant should be free of clutter or any kind of dirt. Placing a water body like a fountain here brings good fortunes
* Toilets should be located in North-west or West of restaurant.
* Generators, invertors, geysers and other electrical equipment should be placed in South-east only

* If an underground water tank is required it should be placed in North East
* Use bright and cheerful colours like yellow, orange, red and white for the décor walls, and furnishings
* Colours like black and brown will be good for places where barbecues are stored
* The shape of the plot in a commercial place plays a significant role in making business healthy and wealthy, so Vaastu suggests having regular shape plots (square/ rectangle) for restaurants
* The facility should be well-lit and ventilated
* People at the reception must face East or North direction while receiving payments
* If a safe is required it should be placed such that the door faces the North and the operator faces South
* Avoid beams that cross over the reception or cash counter
* Place the idol of God or any deity at the entrance or cash counter
* Having fresh flowers at the entrance and some floral arrangement on the tables not only livens up the ambience but also brings good luck
* The kitchen/ pantry/ service doors that open up in to the dining area should ideally have two door sets to avoid sound and aroma from kitchen disturbing the dining area
* The serving staff should be wearing neat and clean uniform – ideal colours for the serving staff are light grey, blue, yellow, white – never use black, brown or green
* Maintaining hygiene and cleanliness is also the key to success; keep the premises clean and clutter free
* Parking is best placed in basement in North East or in South West ideally