In some ways Vaastu for clinics/ health centres / hospitals is more important than for homes. Hospitals attract sick people and visitors. Sick come to regain health. Vaastu looks at hospitals from the perspective of positive energy that can pave the way for quick recovery of patients and considers different factors like location of hospital, location of operation theatres, placement of beds, emergency ward so on. However certain basic aspects cannot be overlooked in achieving harmony with nature while designing health centres and hospitals.

Dr. Ravi Rao, Vaastu Expert



1. Entrance to the premises should be in the east or north or the northeast
2. Reception and billing counters can be at the entrance of the lobby or waiting area facing the north or east
3. Waiting area for patients must be in the north / east
4. Head doctor’s chamber and examination room should be in southwest and the second in command’s chamber in the west or southwest
5. The in-house pathology area should be in the southeast
7. Washrooms and utility can be in the west, south or southwest
8. The OT can be in the south or southwest
9. Pre-operative room can be next to the OT in the southwest, south or west
10. Inhouse pharmacy can be in the north or northwest
11. Patient rooms ideally should be planned in the east or north of the hospital
12. Accounts can be in the north or northeast
13. File and record storage and store room need to be placed in the south or west

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