Senior members of Urban Vaastu, including Komal Ravi Rao, the CEO and Editor-in-Chief, were present at two major events in Gujarat last month. One was at a dinner for visiting Kenyan MP Dennis Waweru. The other was at the Vibrant Gujarat Start up event. We reproduce some of the images of the events.

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GKSF, Naari and Urban Vaastu arranged the bridge-building event, sponsoring a dinner meet for the Kenyan leader. It was a bridgebuilding event where eminent business leaders and professionals interacted with Dennis Waweru, the Kenyan MP. Their aim was to build stronger ties between India and Kenya. Waweru invited Indian business people, doctors and other professionals to come to Kenya and establish their operations.

Dr Darshana Thakkar and Dr Riddhi Shukla Founders of Naari and Dr Ketan Shukla of GKSF UroCare also interacted with the guests. The Vibrant Gujarat Start up event was also a great experience, with interaction between people from different professions and businesses.

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