The Style and Fun in Living in Farmhouses

The word farmhouse conjures up many memories for a lot of us. From glimpses of our childhood fun to extended family vacations to spending time with our favourite farm animals or weekend parties with friends. Farmhouses are practical, functional and relatively larger homes built typically by the owners, keeping in mind the use of the house, its location and the lifestyle of the owners…



IVING in a well-designed farmhouse is a reality that most Indians cannot afford to dream of. For those who can and can afford to build one, the choices are many. Living in a farmhouse has many advantages too like simple living, surrounded by the outdoors.

One typically also has the time to appreciate nature and spend time with friends and family or just relax in the mere silence it offers. For many city dwellers, living in a farmhouse is an absolute luxury where one can run away from the hectic, mechanical lives we live in and escape into a the ultimate destination we want to live in.

A few things to remember before selecting the layout and design of a farmhouse:
1. The rooms must be spacious and allow for natural elements to seamlessly blend with it
2. The floor plan must be sustainable, energy efficient with proper cross ventilation
3. Broad open porches, a nice garden and a great outdoor view are a must
4. The roof should be weather friendly like a slopping pitched roof running along the length of the home
5. Broad, open front porches make it welcoming and accommodate large items or people

RUSTIC FARMHOUSES – Rustic meaning older, basic mimics the look and feel of the days past. It incorporates simplified, minimalistic décor moulded by the surroundings of the farmhouse along with the need of sturdy, practical furnishings.

Use of vintage furniture and accessories is an easy way to decorate in this classic style. Its best if they’re not in perfect condition and they could even have weathered finishes. Vintage-inspired lighting looks ideal in a classic farmhouse.


MODERN FARMHOUSES – Minimalist, bright white or in pastels with clean lines, and light wood flooring. These are terms that come to mind when we think about Modern farmhouses. The lighting is natural and sometimes, there is ample use of glass to usher in the outdoors. Smooth lines, glossy accents, simplicity, and neutral or monochromatic colour schemes achieve a contemporary look warmed with farmhouse style.

COLONIAL FARMHOUSES – Displaying endless charm and old-world accents, colonial farmhouses often feature colonial grid windows, brick fireplaces and flooring, primitive exposed wood beams, and a muted natural colour scheme.

TRADITIONAL FARMHOUSES – Simple designs meet schoolhouse inspired lighting, mixed metals, soapstone countertops, an apron front “farmhouse” sink, and a repurposed wood island are common elements in traditional farmhouse kitchens. We love how the mint cabinets keep this space updated.