Smart, chic coffee tables are the new must haves for modern homes. While they exude with panache the style of the homeowner, you can make them even more attractive by selecting quirky shapes, textures and finishes, and top them up with collectibles, flowers and books…


YOUR living room and its components speaks a lot about your style and aesthetics. In contemporary homes, using the space effectively and attractively sets the tone for your entire interior. People usually say that it’s the couch that plays an important role in shaping the living style, theme and overall ambience of a home. But we tend to disagree as we think that a smart and compact coffee table compliments your home furniture with elan and often plays the role of a serious protagonist amongst the supporting cast.
Coffee tables can alter the appeal of a room and can entirely change the ambience with its unique visual appeal. Whether you are planning on decorating your new home or giving it a makeover, investing in a coffee table is like giving a facelift to the entire space. Be it a coffee table in wood or one in acrylic, something simple and square or eclectic and abstract – these latest trends will surely appease your guests.


Geometric décor trends are big this year and it has found its way into every room of the house with homeowners replacing traditional round glass frames with hexagonal frames. Your living room doesn’t need to have a monotonous table where a stylish hexagonal coffee table with an abstract or polygon outline can make a huge difference. In most modern living rooms, large coffee tables are being replaced by smaller coffee tables which give a lot more design flexibility. Replacing your symmetric furniture with something quirky can change the essence of the whole room.

Combining minimalist aesthetic with beautiful rounded edges can bring about a sense of timelessness and yet flaunt a contemporary look in the living room.

While people usually prefer their coffee tables in black or matte brown due to its subdued sophistication, opting for one in white does give the room a more vibrant and cheerful aura.

The trend of wooden texture gravitates towards natural materials and is all set to dominate this year. Those looking for a textural contrast can turn to acrylic coffee tables or those with a polished marble top and a wiry metallic base. One can utilise the space and quirk up the room with stylish pieces effectively.