The Scarring Epidemic Of Child Obesity HOW TO PREVENT IT

You’ve read about it in the papers and seen it on the news. Child obesity has become a real, modern problem that invites a host of diseases. The number of children with obesity is rising over the past two decades and doctors, nutritionists are worried about the future…


WE are in the middle of an obesity epidemic in India, where half of the population in kids is malnourished and other half is suffering from obesity.

A child who is obese is more likely to develop life-threatening diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, and other complications of obesity earlier in life than someone who develops obesity later.

Why to give it more priority?
– Children with obesity are bullied and teased more than their normal-weighing peers. This leads to social isolation, depression and lower self-esteem.

– This can lead to the risk of CVD (cardiovascular diseases), various types of cancer, along with other physical and mental health issues among children.

What to do as a parent to prevent childhood obesity?

– The goal for children who are overweight is to reduce the rate of weight gain while allowing normal growth and development. Children should NOT be placed on any sort of calorie-restricted diets without any prior consultation.


– Inculcating healthy eating habits which may include home-made food, switching to healthier recipes, and incorporating more fruits, vegetables, whole-grain products in their diets.

– Getting your child tested for lactose intolerance and replacing the dairy products with similar nutritional products if the test turns out positive.

– Serve reasonably sized portions

while teaching your child to have a healthy relationship with the body. Also, don’t pressurize the child to lose weight, so there is no development of unhealthy attitudes towards food.

How to help your child be more active?
– Try making the physical activities fun and less pressurizing by allocating the total amount of decided time of exercising in short intervals throughout the day. Encourage the child gradually build up the stamina.
– Try limiting the child’s time with gadgets and get involved in physical activities along with your child.