The difference between Bodybuilding and Fitness


Fitness and bodybuilding are the most commonly used terms around us these days. However, many people consider fitness and bodybuilding to be the same thing; but they are two extremely different approaches to fitness.
One set of people working out these days are looking at increasing muscle mass for aesthetic reasons/ increasing stamina. High muscle weight improves power and basis the workout chosen also improves agility and speed. On the other hand, majority gym goer’s priority is to stay in shape without bulking up by increasing muscle mass and body weight.

Bodybuilding Vs Fitness Workouts

Bodybuilding encompasses lifting heavy weights to develop strength and muscular size.
Those lifting for size usually work towards the ‘pump’. This technique helps bring oxygen and nutrients to your muscles via a strong blood flow. Bodybuilders look at creating microscopic tears in the muscles forcing the body to repair breakages and expand storage capacity, resulting in bigger muscle growth.

Strength training is primarily high weight – low reps, strengthening the muscles, reinforcing the joints, hardening the bones, while developing stronger connective tissue are some of the goals of many muscle-heightened workouts.

Training Differences
Bodybuilders do not indulge in cardiovascular exercises or reps with a low amount of weights. Their focus is to push their bodies to the maximum by lifting weights that push them to the limits by touching their breaking point that is the point where they literally cannot do another rep-round. During recovery time, the ‘failed’ muscles rebuild and become stronger.
Fitness enthusiasts generally aim to be healthy and in shape. Trainers are not overly concerned about having bigger muscles as long as they are looking their best in front of the camera or at competitions. Workout models spend more time crafting the major muscle groups across their bodies. They will craft a perfect six or eight pack abdominal and pay attention to the legs and glutes. Compared to bodybuilders, their workout routines are generally shorter and more intense. They spend half of their routine lifting weights and the other half doing cardio. To create phenomenally toned muscles, fitness buffs usually carry out a high number of reps with smaller weights.
Another main distinction between working out and bodybuilding is the amount of activity each athletic-type requires. While a bodybuilding session may last around two hours, a fitness session, on the other hand, lasts 45 minutes. The former usually demands constant hard work for a prolonged period – usually five to six times a week. A fitness workout, however, requires less exercise with lesser efforts and muscle pull.
Both ‘normal’ workout and bodybuilding stem from the basic human desire to push physical limits and reach the


ultimate fitness potential; thus making both of these athletic branches of exercise parts of the same tree. The only primary variance is the reason for training and the way trainings are carried out.

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