Sangeeta Gandhi – House Wife

Sangeeta GandhiI went through July edition of Urban Vaastu and found the topics to be interesting. However, I found many of the articles strayed from the underlying theme of the magazine that is Vaastu. The cover story on health, for instance, should have had inputs onVaastufor hospitals and clinics and how it can help make these facilities pleasant to stay.

I have a suggestion. When you describe a city, you can take a heritage site or some famous place (like Kaanchmandir of Indore) and explain its architectural aspects highlighting how it was constructed in the absence of modern technology. In the travel section on Sydney, a detailed description could have been given on how the Sydney Opera House was constructed.

You could also have a separate Q&A section based on your reader’s Vaastu queries so that people can get solutions to their problems. Lastly, translating into Gujarati can boost its circulation.