Raghu Honuwar – Management consultant and Academician

In this age of the knowledge economy and specialisation, the Urban Vaastu magazine is a boon to any right-thinking aspirant. The age-old sciences of Vaastushaastra, Astronomy, Numerology et al have come to be available at the finger-tips of the busy executive, the ambitious student and the caring home-maker alike in the form of this aptly titled publication.

The professional styling, the hand-picked subjects and the language of the features are very endearing. Small tips shared in Urban Vaastu are as impactful as the macro-economic issues so animatedly discussed and elaborated in its pages.

I have been sincerely recommending Urban Vaastu to all who are looking to maximise their potential, which I guess, is everyone.

Wishing Urban Vaastu ever-growing success!