Dr Anupama Mudigonda
Management consultant and Academician

As India celebrates its 66th Republic day, what better way there is but to see how far we have come as a nation, in various fields.

Urban Vaastu a magazine I had started reading recently has fascinated me in many ways than one. My first reaction was that it was a magazine that would be covering only specific areas of interest. But I was in for a pleasant surprise, as I soon found out that it covered emerging India in all its facets.Be it urbanisation, or be it the latest trends in lifestyle, I found the magazine to present a gamut of pertinent dimensions, that sensitise the reader towards the various aspects of shifting paradigms.

I am fascinated by the way the magazine blends the expert insights to the real world scenario and puts across many a comprehensive detail about futuristic issues.

I especially like to read the editorials on the challenges faced by the evolving markets and the trends there.

All in all, the perk pointers, the insightful write ups and the analyses of emerging opportunities in Urban India make me look forward to this wonderful read every month.

I congratulate the team for their splendid contribution in making Urban Vaastu, a ‘must read’.

Best wishes and waiting for your next issue already…