Words: Tillana Desai

The urban male is getting more and more conscious about his appearance. Gone are those days when beards were synonymous with the words ‘untidy’, ‘unruly’ and ‘shabby!’ Two young entrepreneurs Ashutosh Valani and Priyank Shah decided to change the way the world sees beards! The editorial team had a one on one with Ashutosh in an unusually interesting conversation about oils, moustache waxes, serums and of course beards.

What is Beardo all about?

Beardo is basically a unique, one of its kind venture which was born out of the lack of options for the discerning urban male, who likes to grow and maintain his beard, but has no alternative other than using ordinary oils or incompatible products!

What gave you the an unconventional and unique idea such as this?

We wanted to introduce grooming products for men. You can understand what kind of a challenge that is in India! We are passionate about beards and wanted to create the biggest men grooming company in India. This was our ultimate plan. Beardo was brought in with this vision … we wanted to penetrate the market with quality products which men could easily avail and have a variety to choose from.

Ashutosh Valani, Co-founder, Beardo

Beardo - Ashutosh Valani

So what kind of a variety does Beardo encompass?

We have some really great Beard Oils, Beard washes, Moustache Wax, Beard Wax, Beard Combs, Beard Serums and a lot more. You can see the full range on our website.

Moustaches too? Wow!

Yes, we have moustache roll on oils and Moustache Waxes.

If you are looking for a handle bar moustache like Ranveer Singh had in his last movies, you know what to use!

Do you have in any exclusive tie ups with any salons?

We have currently tied up a couple of Pan India salons like Juice.

We have a couple of Standalones too. We are currently in talks with a few more down south.

How Old is Beardo?

We are 9 months old. We started in October last year.

You said it was a challenge for you to start up Beardo. Can you tell us about those challenges?

Indian men in general are not very comfortable with the word ‘grooming’. We are not just only one brand or just another choice to use the product… we are actually going a step ahead and trying to introduce the concept of ‘grooming’ in men today. We give them tips, information, and introduce them to new trends. Today’s generation is extremely appearance conscious and up to date a with fashion.

They are highly demanding and that is why we are to make our mark in spite of the challenges.

Can you share a few interesting names of people who use Beardo products?

Suniel Shetty (Our Brand Ambassador and Brand Mentor), Ranveer Singh, Suraj Pancholi, Siddharth Malhotra, Abhishek Bachchan… this is just sneak peek into the list!

Mr Suniel Shetty is the brand Ambassador for Beardo? Wow!

When we look at Mr. Suniel Shetty we see a very ‘Macho Male’ and a person who is Self-Made. In his new look with the Beard he looks absolutely amazing. A beard is not a boy affair; it is more of a male/man affair. We are really glad to have him on board.


Are you planning to diversify into products for women?

We are and always will be dedicated towards helping men with their grooming. We have taken the responsibility of making the Men of India shiny, glamourous and well groomed.

Can you tell us something little about yourself and Priyank (the co-founder)?

Our friendship dates back to at least 10 years. As we saw the online industry booming, we got thought of starting up a daily deal website. We became vendors for sites like flip kart, snap deal, shop clues and Amazon. We observed several categories had several thousands of listed products, which is when we realized that the Men’s grooming market was totally virgin and untapped.
There was a huge demand for the products but no suppliers.

In 2015 we decided to stop all the other activities and just to have a bull’s eye in in the category of Men’s Grooming with our own brand. And rest as you say, is history.

A message for our readers…

To all the male readers of Urban Vaastu, keep growing the Beards, I think that where we guys come from since the last 10000 years ago when they were no shaving no blades! Come back to nature…
To all the women readers of Urban Vaastu, the next time you see an unruly beard, you know what to do to make it glamourous!