Summer workouts


Summer is at its peak with mercury soaring. It might sound ridiculous but rising temperatures can be to our advantage in losing weight and burning excess fat. If done right it is a safe technique during summer workouts.

Interestingly though training in high temperatures increases body’s endurance level it also has its flip side. A research conducted by University of Oregon showed that heat improves performance level. Twelve high-performing cyclists were tested in 100-degree heat while another group did the same in a comfortable 55-degree ambience. Research showed that cyclists who worked through the heat had improved their performance by 7%. However good amount of body fat is lost as the body has to do more to cool itself down.


Flip side is that summer is not all that cool if one throws caution to the wind. There are deadly side effects. Even a bit of overtraining or carelessly long exposure to heat can lead to severe heat-related illnesses, sun stroke or injuries. Following precautions mandatory working out during sizzling summer:

1. Start slow. Avoid long workouts in the beginning. Take frequent breaks as it takes 10 to 14 days for the body to adjust to the new regimen.

2.Drink more water. Workouts lead to dehydration due to heavy sweating. Loss of water and salts in the body in the form of sweat must be replenished quickly. Rehydrating at regular intervals can save from unwanted or debilitating consequences. Consume ORS or lemonade and water (as much as half the body weight but measured in ounces).

3.Consume salted nuts or olives or pumpkin seeds twice or thrice a day. These rich in sodium and potassium are vital to the body.

4.Avoid training more than 60 to 90 minutes. Limit it to 5-day a week.

5.Dress carefully. Use light colored sweat wicking clothing. Use SPF blocks (SPF or sun protection factor is measured by the amount of time one can spend outside before the

sun-blocking effect wears off) if training outdoors.

6.Avoid afternoon sessions.

7.Listen to your body. Stop immediately if any one of the following signs are noticed:

1.Heavy sweating

2.Muscle cramps





7.Nausea or vomiting

8.Dark urine


Swapnil is a petroleum engineer by profession and a fitness freak by passion. He works out 2-3 ours a day after 12 hours of work. He can be reached at: