Words: Swapnil Mishra

Most of us are goal oriented and when it comes to work out most of us take our training seriously. But sometimes in our enthusiasm to show results we place unreasonable demands on our bodies leading to stress and trauma.

Over exercising leads to chronic fatigue and sometimes muscle tears or even permanent structural damage in worst case scenarios.

The action(s) that lead to aforementioned results can be collectively called over training.


There are different types of overtraining. To begin with there is monotonous overtraining or repetitive movement such as weight lifting done with a certain amount of weight causing performance plateau. Second, chronic overtraining with high intense workout without sufficient recovery.

But train we must as we all have certain goals to achieve and more importantly we all know what it took to start in the first place. How to get back on track? Here are some tips:

1.Take a break from training giving body to recover.

2.Deep tissue massages to the affected muscles can prove to be effective in releasing muscle tension.

3.Temperature contrast therapy, which involves taking ice baths or hot and cold showers. The cold-hot therapy can stimulate the immune system, improve circulation and digestion, influence the production of stress hormones, encourage blood flow, and lessen pain sensitivity.

4.Proper food intake and consumption of multi vitamins to address the deficiencies in diet caused by lack of nutrients and vitamins.

Swapnil is a petroleum engineer by profession and a fitness freak by passion. He works out 2-3 hours a day after 12 hours of work. He can be reached at: