Shobhit Agarwal


Private equity inflows into the Indian real estate sector showed a 62% increase (y-o-y) following changes in the regulatory framework, writes our guest columnist, Shobhit Agarwal, the managing director, capital markets; and international director, JLL India


In 2016, equity investment was seen on a return journey to India. After the change in its regulatory framework, the country is now looking way more attractive to investors – both foreign and domestic – than ever before.

Thanks to an improvement in India’s rankings on different indices and a pro-active government keen on improving these further, the country is bound to attract more equity investment.

In 2016, the private equity inflows into Indian real estate showed a 62% increase (y-o-y). The total inflows last year stood at Rs38,000 crore compared to the 2015 figure of Rs 23,500 crore.

Out of the entire sum, Rs13,500 crore was investment via pure equity while the rest was via different structures of debt. Even in terms of pure equity, 2016 saw an impressive increase of 29% (y-o-y).

Interestingly, when only the 2H of 2016 is compared to the 2H of 2015, there has been a 121% increase in the former over the latter. This was due to increased confidence shown by investors post the Parliament’s passage of RERA [Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Bill] and GST.


Though the historic high of 2007 (in terms of total PE inflows) was not breached, last year proved to be the second-best year so far. This year may even turn out to be slightly better than 2016 – despite BREXIT and the outcome of US presidential elections – thanks to a strengthening and modernising economy and India’s growing reputation as an attractive investment destination.

Economic and political stability, liberalisation of the FDI policy by the Modi government and the resultant improvement in the investor community’s sentiment are some of the factors working in Indian real estate’s favour. All eyes on 2017.


Total PE Inflow Sum of Investment (INR cr)
2015 23,500
2016 38,000
PE Inflow (Equity) Sum of Investment (INR cr)
2015 10,500
2016 13,500
PE Inflow in 2ndHalf Sum of Investment (INR cr)
2H 2015 9,500
2H 2016 21,000