Samara Mahindra

Holistic therapies for cancer patients

HAILING from the famous Mahindra business family, Samara launched a business venture a few years ago. But about seven years ago, after her mother succumbed to cancer, she got deeply involved in introducing complementary therapies of healing and recovery to patients.

A certified Cancer Exercise Specialist and Breast Cancer Recovery Trainer, she is also a qualified personal fitness trainer from the American Academy of Personal Training, New York; Holistic Health Coach from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition; and certified in Plant Based Nutrition from Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation.

Samara is also certified as a Holistic Cancer Coach from, Center for Advancement in Cancer Education. She focuses on the CARER Program that she launched.


The CARER Program was born from a personal encounter with cancer in which I first hand witnessed the lack of required services and care in the space of cancer treatment and healing.
Seven years later and today CARER is India’s first and only company to provide holistic therapies for cancer patients and survivors in the

comfort of their home. The CARER Program is complementary to the mainstream treatment and gives the person treated a fighting chance to heal and survive both in body and mind.
While mainstream treatment targets the physical symptoms of the disease, CARER digs deep down into the root cause

of why it happened in the first place.
The integration of these two is now looking to manage side effects of treatment better, increase the effectiveness of treatment, strengthen immunity and put patients and survivors on the right path to decreasing chances of relapse.


CARER has created the programme based on four fundamental approaches to healing: Diet and nutrition intervention; physical rehabilitation and detoxification through Yoga therapy; mental health and emotional well-being with meditation and coaching; and counseling for patients and family members.

The services are for all types of cancers, ages and stages along with pre and post treatment. CARER provides a personalised programme and a set protocol. In the personalised programme our specialists provide their services and build the healing protocol according to the client’s condition, case, lifestyle and convenience.
The Complete CARER Program, however, is a set protocol that can also be opted for. These programmes, whether personalised or set have been curated by cancer specialists in the field, to provide the best and most optimal chance of healing and survival.
One of the fundamental protocols is diet and nutrition intervention. We look to boost immunity through targeted highly nutrient dense foods and detoxify the system. This is imperative while going through treatment or recovering from cancer.
Immunity is the key and the nutrition protocol makes sure the collateral damage is minimal from the toxic treatment and in turn provides the right nutritional intake for the rejuvenation and repair of damaged cells.
CARER only works with medically trained clinical nutritionists who are well versed to deal with chronic ailments.


Immunity is the key and the nutrition protocol makes sure the collateral damage is minimal from the toxic treatment and in turn provides the right nutritional intake for the rejuvenation and repair of damaged cells.

The diet plans are personalised according to the type of cancer, medical reports and health history, treatment protocol, patient background, lifestyle and condition. The personalised diet plans help in removing toxins and strengthens the body after treatment.

Although we come from a land of yoga, CARER only looks to work with yoga therapists who deal with chronic ailments, training them further in the CARER protocol for cancer. CARER yoga therapists are able to analyse the physical condition of the patient and curate sessions that are best suited for their physical state. Each and every session is different and personalised to the case.
Yoga therapy for cancer provided by CARER looks to increase immunity, manage fatigue, detoxify the body and build and strengthen muscles.

A lot of attention is put towards deep breathing and managing the mind, as yoga is a mind-body practice,
Cancer is one illness that not only affects the body but has major implications on the mind as well. A cancer patient or survivor has many issues that he or she needs to encounter and deal with on a mental and emotional level. Any elevated levels of stress, anxiety, depression, fears and so on is not recommended when healing from cancer and can have a bigger negative impact than anything else.
Encountering these emotions is inevitable and therefore the right approach in managing it better and in a more productive way is imperative.
CARER looks to provide meditation sessions with each one of the patients onboard and works only with an organisation called Heartfulness Organization, in which the trainers even train doctors.

Patients are guided through a meditation that instills deep relaxation and as a result heals the body and mind.

They are better equipped to deal with stressful situations. Mediations also help in balancing the body internally, calming the mind and body and are specific to each type of cancer.
A part of the emotional and mental healing for a cancer patient, CARER involves the patient and family members into speaking with coaches, who help balance mental and emotional trauma; this is focused on both the patient and the caretaker.
Coaches guide the patient in managing stress, decreasing fear, helping in living a quality life, setting goals, bringing positivity into themselves and being overall support system to the patient and family.