Rule for beginners

As a rule, all beginners who wish to start gymming regularly need to have a goal and commitment to turn up everyday for their sessions. Regularity and purpose ensures that the mind has a path to follow and can push the body to achieve better results



Initial Preparations
There are three steps for initial preparation;
• Set aside enough time
• Try and have a plan
• Be realistic

Set aside enough time
From the very start, schedule enough time for training. Trust us, people getting this wrong is one of the main reasons they do not progress in the gym.
Top personal trainers say that not giving enough time to the training commitment (or eventually letting other developments in their lives cut into it) is showstopper.
“First and foremost, prioritise the habit of exercising regularly,” says personal trainer, life coach and author Mike Campbell. “Initially it doesn’t matter what you do in the gym – just establish and strengthen that habit. The rest can and will flow from there.”

Try and have a plan
Susy Natal, a Sydney-based personal trainer, says that “success in your fitness journey will come if you have a specific goal, backed by a plan and structure”.
Natal says that at many gyms, we can see many people who are there and doing nothing, wasting their valuable time. For beginners, they must have a clear plan and structure for their workout. Trainers have to be more careful for beginners and they have to make them understand that when you are in the gym, do not

waste time and just concentrate on your workout.
“Invest in a training programme so that you always know what you have to do when you get to the gym, and to ensure that what you are doing is tailored to suit your body, level of experience and specific fitness goals,” she adds.

Be realistic
Not always, of course, but to make big changes in your life to drop body fat, gain muscle, improve fitness dramatically and so on, requires a lot of patient and consistent hard work.
This isn’t going to be easy, yet most people want a quick fix and the work done for them. The sooner you can embrace the struggle and the fact that it’s going to be hard, the sooner you can consistently apply yourself to getting it done.Jojo Varghese is a fitness coach. He can be contacted at or (+91) 8511333884