Old Delhi cuisine Best enjoyed in an authentic setting

The historic city has for centuries had an excellent taste for churning out the most mouth-watering food. Walk along the streets of Old Delhi even today and enjoy some of the most delicious stuff



Food walk:
Delhi is every foodie’s one-stop solution. Known for its variety of high-end restaurants to mouth watering street food which caters to every taste from around the world, be ready to tease your taste buds with a feeling of bliss.
Ever since it was a seat to the Mughals, Old Delhi has had a long and committed relationship with food. To enjoy the real taste of Delhi with its array in street food and to feel the real Delhi, visit Old Delhi.

Authentic Old Delhi street food is best enjoyed in the authentic setting of noisy streets and the busy by-lanes of Chawri Bazaar and Chandni Chowk, where the beautiful golden Gurudwaras share space with historic mosques.
Some of the few dishes you simply can’t miss are the juicy, thick Jalebis, Aloo chaat crisp fried potato cutlets dipped in irresistible chutneys, varieties of stuffed parathas, flavourful kebabs, fried chicken and ofcourse, butter chicken.
For every sweet tooth don’t forget the creamy Phirni served in earthen pots and Kulfi-available in different flavours!

Chandni Chowk walk:
Chandni Chowk is the main street in the older part of Delhi. In the true sense it means moonlight square, after a canal in the centre of the street reflected the moonlight.
The main street of Shahjahanabad is filled with the tales of up’s and down’s during the Mughal rule and the arrival of British.

This walk will take you through Digambar Jain Lal Mandir, Gauri Shankar Temple, the famous jewellery street- Dariba Kalan, Sunheri Masjid, Sisganj Gurdwara, Fatehpuri Masjid. Go through the famous haveli, Naughara or ‘nine houses’ which is the reflection of how the city of Shahjahanabad was planned.

Also visit the Town Hall, which was the British Municipal Corporation building.
While these are the two main walks one shouldn’t miss on their visit to Delhi, there are a few other walk such as Hauz Khas, Lodi Garden, Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Tughluqabad Fort and Qutb Complex.