• Officially licensed Harry Potter remote
• Works with most IR devices including TVs, music players and DVD players
• Comes with instructions for any muggles out there
• Does not cast killing curses
• Packaged in a collector box
• Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
• Measures 35cm x 3cm

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We love TV remotes as much as the next guy; without them we would be constantly up and down whilst watching TV, when all we want to do is sink into the sofa and put our feet up. But isn’t your remote the most boring thing. Just look at it. A big black rectangle with buttons on. Whereas this remote, which isn’t really meant for muggles like us is way more exciting.
The officially licensed Harry Potter Remote Control is an exact replica of Potters own wand. The only difference is that while you might not be able to fight off you-know-who with this, you can flick between your favourite TV channels like a pro. Using all its powers, this wand can control any infrared device such as your radio, DVD player, TV and more.
Simply teach your wand the controls with your old remote and you are good to go. Up to nine different commands/spells can be added to the Wand Remote, making your down time more magical and fun than ever before. There aren’t any buttons for you to press on this remote; simply swish, flick and roll your wand to change channel, adjust volume or turn off the TV.
The wand comes in a cool gift box with all the instructions. A perfect accessory to your Harry Potter marathon, the wand even has a cool light up tip that shines brightly as you cast spells upon your home electronics.