Numerology – For December 2018


Sudden financial gain for businessman. Pending work will be completed. Promotion and salary will be on cards. Time to mend broken relationships with relatives.


You will notice some stabilisation at your work environment but take care of your family too. You will be in the unique position to counsel and support someone in your circle and it will be most rewarding experience.


This month you will get lot of opportunities, it is important to seek time for yourself. Don’t lose patience, your hardwork will pay off. Do not procrastinate, as this will discredit you from the potential promotion.


Understand the importance of family and friends. You will be at peace mentally and spiritually. This is a good month for business and financial affairs, particularly for long-term planning and investment. If you are involved in legal affairs, the time is right to surge ahead.


Romance will bloom, and it is important to stay committed to your family life and partner. It’s time to convert long term relationship into marriage. If you are feeling low right now, times will change.


You may see some financial gain. Avoid being spendthrift. Health issues need attention. Newly married couple feel a new dawn breaking. Good news awaits you as pleasant surprise to daily routine.


Avoid hasty attempts while taking up government work. Banks will be eager to give loans. Need to go more than half way to keep spouse happy. Laziness can bring bad name at work place. Health is a main concern.


Keep away from those jealous of you. Avoid situations where your role might be questioned. Carelessly spoken words can come to haunt. Professionally good month. Be patient for results. Travel brings much needed break.


Financial gains seen. Pending work will be cleared. Control aggression in speech. Travelling to religious places will be beneficial. Take care and prevent accidents both at home and outside. Handle colleagues with tact.


Promotions are on card. Hard work brings success. Family relations will improve. Working pending will see completion. Travelling brings success in work related matters. Superiors will have a word of praise. Studies do well in studies. Lending for social causes benefit you.


Government contracts brings good result. Confidence makes tough task easier and contentment results. Old friends will appear out of nowhere and bonds will renew. Businessman will do well abroad. Anger will lead to counter-productive individual.


Don’t sign important papers without consulting elders. On work front, there is progress. Financial gains could be unexpected. Travel brings new contracts and gains. It’s a good time to enrol into higher studies. Hard work will pay off. Avoid procrastination at work.


Sudden financial gain for businessmen. Work pending will see completion. Promotion and Salary increment on cards. Time to mend broken relationship with relatives.


Stay away from issues that involve litigation. Traveling abroad can enhance career. Try not to hurt your loved ones with harsh words. Health needs attention as well.


This might be your lucky month. Any tension at work will ease. Students should travel for educational insight. Time to take up new assignment. Students will well. Government contracts will come your way. Be positive in your work.


Control your expenses. Your regular travelling plans will change but it will lead you new destination. Change your job for new experience. Avoid any legal hassles.


You will experience some financial gain. Be careful in choosing words. Be patient in your actions, you will see progress eventually. Don’t ignore your health. Maintain a regular medical check-up.


Extreme care is needed in purchasing your property. Stay away from government or legal work. In crisis maintain your calm to avoid any bodily harm. Control your expense. Don’t hurt near and dear ones. Your spouse’s health needs some attention. Exercise daily or sudden ailments may strike.


Property dealings will bring financial gains. However, discussing important matters with elders will help you in gaining new perspective. Your travelling plans might get postponed.


You need to learn the importance of discipline. Following rules, especially at work is not always a wrong thing. Avoid hurting others with harsh words. Travelling for business or religious purpose will bring positive outlook.


Contracts relating to NGO, government and public sector will come to fruition. Pending dues will get cleared. Favourable time for students. Good time for investment in land or stocks.


Don’t rush to take any big decisions. You will finish all your pending work this month. Health needs attention. It is a good month to invest in any property. Business in abroad will yield good results.


Superiors will appreciate your hard work and diligence. Any investment made in this month will bring good returns. You might find some strangers helping you in your matters. Luck is in your favour.


Don’t lose your temper at your work place. Focus on finishing your pending work or it will lead to a bad name. Be careful and patient in dealing with government officials and agencies. Travel for your peace of mind. Time to put off hard decisions.


Time to invest but with care. Pilgrimage will bring peace of mind. You will complete all your pending work this month. Don’t take stress over little things.


Exercise control over expense. Travelling will ease your monotony. New friendships are on cards. If a new job comes in your way, it is advisable to take only after checking up. Health can cause minor worries.


Financial gains are foretold. Be alert at your work and patience is the key. Pending dues will get cleared. Favourable time for students. Good time for investment in land or stocks.


Exercise self-control both in work and diet. Property deals can come your way. Favourable time for long vacation or world tour. Avoid overeating or you might fall sick.


Laziness can affect your work. Government related issues may cause worry. Hasty decisions can make you rue. Health needs special attention.


Pending disputes will see light day. Property related work brings good returns. Time to take family on a trip. Progress in work. Elders in family needs attention.


New projects come in your way but choose one with care. Those in government jobs, promotion or increment comes as surprise. Higher education can be pursued by those interested. It’s right time to invest in any property.

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