Numerology – For April 2019


Recognition and prestige will push you into the limelight. Your natural will power will be put to test with the desire to celebrate your good fortune. Pressure from seniors must be handled with tact, not with aggression. Holiday travel is indicated. Health issue may arise.


A creative month with great work from people involved in the creative fields. Although distractions abound, discipline yourself to complete the tasks at hand. Spending time with family and friends will balance your emotions. Business and holiday travel is indicated.


Persons in the domain of finance, trade, judiciary and publication will receive support from elders and superiors. Those in research and education will do well. Remain true to your principles, do not give in to temptations. You are likely to indulge in acts of philanthropy and religious pursuits.


Exercise caution and restraint in indulging yourself. Keep away from speculative activity. Social gatherings are indicated, select them carefully. Spend time with family, friends and well-wishers. Delay investment in new ventures. Stick to the routine.


A good month for people involved in business and overseas trade. Tact and charm will bring things to completion. Turn away from speculative activity and get-rich-quick-schemes. Overseas travel and entertainment are indicated.


An exceptionally creative month for those in the creative fields. Exercise restraint in partying and entertainment. If unrestrained, health issues may arise. New acquaintances and close ties with friends prove beneficial. Travel and gatherings with family and friends are indicated.


Obstructions will slow your work but continuing to work with discipline will yield good results. Unexpected, overseas travel is indicated. You may undertake spiritual travel and meet spiritual gurus. Take care against air-borne diseases and chest infections.


Your grit and relentless hard work will stand you in good stead. Unexpected expenses related to gatherings and travel are indicated. Don’t let entertainment and distractions turn you away from your goal. Enjoy in limited measure.


A period of expansion, new ventures and enjoyment. You will overcome hurdles with courage and energy. Read the fine print before investing in fixed property. Stay away from speculative activity. Temper your aggression and use tact.


You will enjoy a position of power and authority and be the centre of attention. Retain a sense of balance in the spotlight. Don’t ride roughshod over the concerns of superiors and elders. Travel with family and friends is indicated. Take care of health.


A natural undercurrent of energy drives your creative pursuits. Keep social gatherings in balance and use your time wisely. Time with family and friends will bring good cheer. Your needs and feelings seem to take priority, think before you take any decisions.


A near perfect month with energy, a burst of creative ideas and strategic thinking. Your efforts will be rewarded. Superiors and elders will stand by you. Make the most of it. Enjoy social gatherings. Religious pursuits are indicated.


Use your energy and discipline, take superiors’ guidance to bring good judgement to your expensive schemes. Opportunities to enjoy life are plenty, choose the ones in which you spend time with well-wishers. Expenses on luxury items and travel are indicated.


A financially beneficial month for businessman and creative person. Work with self-discipline. Take a dispassionate look to temper your expensive ideas. Overseas travel and trade will prove beneficial. Don’t convince people against their better judgement.


You will find recognition and commercial success in the creative fields. Make the most of this period of high creativity. Collaborative work will bring success. Enjoy social gatherings and entertainment in moderation. Health issues may arise.


The hard work you put in without expectation will bring future results. Partnerships will prove beneficial. Stick to the straight path and you will overcome obstacles. Success will arrive when you least expect it. Remain cautious against unexpected sickness.


Life seems to take two steps backwards for every step forward. Remain patient and wait to begin new with old friends and acquaintances and overseas travel are indicated. Donate to the poor and needy. You will be drawn to religious and spiritual activity.


Hard work and aggressive action will overcome obstacles, bringing you success. Partnerships will prove beneficial. Handle the friction at home and at work with tact. Unexpected travel is indicated. Avoid long distance road travel. Association with superiors and elders will be beneficial.


Immense drive, boldness and creative energy will help you move aggressively at work. Results will come in the form of promotion to a position of power and authority. Let your generosity balance aggression. Take the suggestions of elders and superiors. Avoid long distance road travel.


At work, your creative ideas and solutions will be appreciated and rewarded. Seek the company of family, friends and well-wishers to keep your emotions in balance. Enjoy social gatherings, but when the party is over, return to work. All play and little work makes one a moody person.


Expansion and new projects are indicated. It is a good time to invest in property. Superiors will give you support. You will be service to elders. Travel to religious places and meeting religious gurus is indicated.


Discipline, hard work and guidance of superiors and colleagues will keep you on the straight path and brings financial rewards. You may find yourself psychologically unmoored, seek the company of elders, family and friends. Do not overindulge in entertainment.


Those involved in business, research, education and creative pursuits will flourish. Overseas travel and association with superiors will bring financial rewards and success. Consult superiors and elders before making large commitments. Watch travel expenses.


You will be buzzing with ideas, don’t fritter them away. This is a highly productive month in creative projects. Take the feedback of experts to give you the real picture. Keep watch on luxury and entertainment expenses. Spend time with family to balance your restlessness.


Unexpected financial success will be yours. Overseas trade and travel prove beneficial. Thos involved in literary and creative pursuits, education and trade will find success. Take care against lung-related sicknesses. Spiritual pursuits and travel are indicated.


Watch your expenses. Change in career or location is indicated. Renewal of old acquaintances will bring nostalgic moments. Try to shift your focus from leisure to work and career. Spend time with family.


Try to avoid negative feelings and self-doubt. Don’t let it overpower you. Seek the company of friends, colleagues and well-wishers to retain a positive frame of mind. Creative pursuits and collaboration will bring rewards. Injuries are indicated. Avoid long distance road travel.


Results don’t seem to match your pace of work. Yet, things are happening behind the scenes. Keep your emotions in balance and continue with your natural energy. Superiors will come to your aid. You will take a holiday or spend quality to joyful time with family.


The combination of aggressive energy and creative ideas help you deliver unmatched performance at work. Your hard work will be rewarded. Go for a selected social gathering with well-wishers. Minor health issues may arise.


A month of expansion and financial benefits at work. Persons involved in research and higher education will benefit. Association with superiors will take place. Acts of philanthropy, religious pursuits and religious travels are indicated.


Expansion and energetic action drive you at work. Enjoy the appreciation from your superiors. Don’t let negative thoughts affect you and your relationship with your family. Keep a tab on your anger and business travel is indicated.

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