Numerology – For December 2017


Recognition and expanded responsibilities at work are expected. You will work with high energy and drive, but be cautious about taking on more than you can handle. Take care of your diet. Drive carefully. Religious pursuits are indicated.


Gains are indicated at work. Control your temper and work with caution. Do not take your partner for granted. Religious pursuits is indicated.


Expanded role at work is indicated. Colleagues will look up to you for guidance. Be patient since their pace of work will not match your expectation. Religious travel is indicated. Take care of your diet and health. Engage in physical activity with discipline.


There can be domestic and financial stress, handle it with calmness. Chemical, travel, and creative pursuits will bring success. Remain straightforward and empathetic. Be in the company of elders and wellwishers.


Media, publishing, auditing, information technology professions bring gains. Leverage your sharp intellect with depth of knowledge to maximise your gains. Spend time with your family.


Creative pursuits will find success. Diplomacy and working with colleagues as a partner will bring greater gains. A good time to purchase property or vehicles. Social gatherings and travel for pleasure are indicated.


Do not take responsibilities that burden you. These can lead to unfulfilled expectations on the career and domestic front. Unexpected gains are indicated. Drive carefully.


Do not let delays slow you. Take the initiative and continue to reach out. Plan with care. Be courteous in the face of disagreements. Do not enter into arguments. Take care of your health.


Recognition at work is indicated. Continue to gather deeper knowledge within your domain for long-term success. Be a team player. Do not let frustration build at the slow pace of work.


Superiors and elders will be of support. Your energy and ambition will be rewarded. Carry your team with you. Helping those in need and religious pursuits are indicated.


Success and larger responsibility is indicated at work. Assess the future and accept responsibilities which you can fulfill to your satisfaction. Control your aggression and work with humility. Students will find success.


Recognition for your achievements is indicated. Superiors and elders will provide support. Government-related work will find completion. Gains are predicted for students. Travel and religious pursuits are indicated.


Work with focus and openness and you will be rewarded with larger projects and recognition. Keep dissatisfaction away and express gratitude when it is due. Take care of your health. Remain in the company of well-wishers.


Plan your work, do not take impulsive decisions. Take the advice of wellwishers. Remain courteous in the face of disagreement. Business travel will be beneficial. Do not believe rumours.


Prepare well in advance of crucial projects and discussions. Media, publishing, music, dance and theatre professionals will find satisfaction. Do not sign agreements before you read the fine print.


You will come up with creative solutions, test these before you implement them. Diplomacy will bring you greater results than arguments can. Spiritual pursuits and travel are indicated. Drive with caution, particularly during longdistance travel.


Delays and unexpected shifts at work can frustrate you. Take them in your stride, they will bring success. Take care of your health. Drive carefully. Spiritual pursuits are indicated. Remain calm on the domestic front.


Do not give up when you face obstacles. Spend time during the delay to polish your work. This will bring long-term recognition. Balance work and family. Take care of your health. Students will find success.


Pace yourself through this month and work to a plan. Do not be hasty, they will result in your taking impulsive decisions. Do not push your colleagues and team beyond their capacity, instead give them a helping hand. Superiors and elders will support you.


You could be prone to impulsive decisions, delay property-related decisions. Take the advice of family and well-wishers. Exercise and engage in physical activity to channel your energy and emotions.


Do not let high energy alone drive your decisions. Study the scope of work before going in for expansion. Partnerships will prosper. Superiors and elders will come to your aid. Remain calm and you will have domestic peace.


Delay propertyrelated decisions. Take the advice of experts and well-wishers in important decisions. Take care against infections. Foreign travel is indicated. Creative pursuits bring gains.


Take the advice of elders and experts. Remain calm in domestic issues. Plan well and your execution will be quick. Students will find success. Do not dwell on things too much. Think before you speak.


Do not believe rumours. Step back, think through, and rely on facts. Be open and straightforward with partners and family. Overseas travel is indicated, particularly for students.


You will be restless for gains. Be patient and help your colleagues and partners, it will bring you lasting success. Spend time with family. Remain calm in domestic matters. Take care of your health during travel.


Handle arguments and difference of opinion with tact and diplomacy. Seek the advice of experts. Drive carefully. Family gatherings are indicated. Take care of your health.


Take the advice of superiors and elders. Do not be a lone player, slow your pace to match your team’s pace. Bring them to speed. Remain calm in domestic matters. Unexpected benefits will accrue.


Do not let obstacles stop you from completing the projects you have undertaken. Do not enter into arguments. Remain straightforward and calm in dealing with disagreements. Take care of your health.


Balance your ambition and high energy, focus on depth of knowledge and creative solutions, and you will gain more. Expansion is indicated. Avenues of higher education open up.


Gains are indicated for those in engineering, publishing, academic and legal domains. Expanded responsibilities and leadership roles are indicated. Religious pursuits and travel will draw you. Students will find success.


Larger opportunities will come your way, but assess them carefully before you take the plunge. Spend time with your family. Travel is indicated. Respond to arguments with calmness and openness.

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