Numerology – For June 2019


Luck favours you. People will look up to you for guidance. Tone down the aggression. Excess confidence can make you take on more than you can handle; plan before you make a commitment. Religious activity is indicated.


Expansion and growth in partnerships is indicated. Your determination and leadership skills will elevate your position. Financial gains are indicated. Those in education and creative pursuits will prosper. Social gatherings with friends and family are indicated.


You will work with discipline which brings you recognition and greater responsibilities. Continue to help colleagues and you will receive their support. Religious and spiritual pursuits are indicated.


Monetary gains and business success are indicated. You will be respected for your knowledge and experience, keep your self-interest in control. Express gratitude to others and lend a helping hand. Do not speculate. Do not entertain gossip or rumours.


Gains in income and work role are indicated. You will gain a position in which your knowledge and quick-thinking are at an advantage. Believe in yourself. Respond based on thorough understanding and of the domain rather than on instinct.


Gains in income and greater responsibilities are indicated in response to your ability to work with teams. You will be able to bring them together and achieve a common goal. Those in creative professions will find success.


Unexpected gains will accrue. Work with empathy and lend a helping hand. Explain the reasons behind your decisions to gain support at the workplace. You will be involved in spiritual pursuits. Drive carefully.


You will be given higher responsibilities. Gain in income is indicated. Your hard work, determination, and readiness to help others will bring respect and support at the workplace. You will be inclined towards reading spiritual literature.


Those in creative pursuits will find success. Expansion of responsibilities that demand depth, analytical thinking, and thinking outside-the-box will be demanded of you. Engaging people in dialogue and stepping back will bring the desired results.


This is the time to focus on quality rather than quantity. It will enable yu to scale greater heights in the long term. Remain patient with children and family to gain happiness. You will be drawn towards religious and spiritual pursuits.


Your knowledge, hard work and optimism will bring the support of superiors and elders. Lend a helping hand to teams and be helpful. Creativity will be exceptionally strong for you, making it better to see things from different perspectives.


Talking things over with others will shed light on the best approaches. You may experience a lot of intensity in various areas of your life. Your dependable nature will be beneficial for you in both your business and personal relationships.


When it comes to showing your true colours, nothing speaks louder than hard work and the ability to con- nect with the other people involved. Coming up with innovative and creative ideas will be a breeze for you.


Your communication and expressive skills will be very strong. you can expect that sharing your thoughts and feelings will be especially important to you. Your need to be heard will likely be as strong.


You’ve recently been thinking about your future and it is now time for you to spring into action and make the changes you crave. Defining your priorities and goals will be an essential part of your years and will help you move forward progressively.


You’ll put communication ahead of confrontation and won’t feel the need to pressure people into agreeing with you. You have a very influential role in your family and friend’s lives, so use your power wisely.


You dream of freedom and spontaneity and the good news is you can have exactly what you want. With so much going on in your life, be sure not to lose sight of your goals and objectives. Income gains are indicated.


Think of others before you think of yourself to gain respect. Curb your instincts to form quick judgements. Responses based on instinct will be troublesome. Don’t bite more than you can chew when it comes to taking responsibilities.


Those in communication, information technology, publications will find success. Spend more than usual time with your family and friends. Think before you break a rule, to leverage your creative instincts in a positive direction.


You will be able to work well while being in a team. Your leadership skills will take charge and you will gain respect from your colleagues. Indication of religious pursuits are there. You are likely to get rewarded for your hard work.


Gains in income are indicated along with increase in expenses. Holiday travels and social gatherings are indicated. Be careful while judging people. DO not take people at face value. Slow your instincts to take risks.


Guard your space since you are likely to wish to spend time in solitude. Partnership will prosper. Be careful with investing money. People may try to take advantage of you. Meeting people after a long time is indicated.


You’ll be more motivated than ever before. You will want to work on and improve things everywhere you go. Gains in wealth and power are indicated. You will gain respect and recognition for your hard work.


You will be pulled in the direction of taking hard decisions. Take others’ advice and keep the best interest in mind when you take these. Take care of your health. Your tenacity and optimism will help you through when times get tough.


Other people’s contradictory behaviour will plunge you into a mine of doubts. Your ferocious determination will motivate you to finish up on all your projects, although that’s not to say you won’t face lots of difficulties along the way. Accomplishing things will become more and more difficult.


Patience, reflection and good decisions will be major factors that will affect your behaviour. Even if success isn’t immediate, daring to make a change is very impressive all the same. Try to focus on the positive aspects of your life and plan for the future.


The combination of drive, ambition, and hard word will bring monetary gains and higher position. Control your temper, do not take reckless decisions. Work with teams and lend a helping hand to colleagues.


Spend more time with your family. Recognition, promotion and monetary gains are indicated at the workplace. Those in creative pursuits will prosper. Accept help with gratitude and you will rise to greater heights.


You will gain a high-ranking position involving a leadership role. Your negotiation skills will be put to the test, and you will succeed if you place yourself in the other person’s shoes. Those in technical pursuits will succeed.


Work as a team player and think twice before taking harsh decisions. Keep your temper under control. Take care of your health and drive carefully. Spiritual pursuits are indicated.


Expanded role and monetary gains are indicated at the workplace. Take the team’s views into consideration while stepping into the role. Take care of your diet. Minor sickness is indicated.

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