Numerology – For March 2019


Financial gains likely. Avoid taking hasty decisions. Travel will be beneficial. Take care of your health. Keeping your temper in check will help avoid straining relationships.


This is the right time for purchase or sale of property. Traveling abroad will be beneficial. Concentration is the key to avoiding mistakes.


The advice of elders will help you take the right decisions. Financial growth likely. Start-ups and new adventures flourish. Higher studies can take you abroad.


Arguments never lead us anywhere. Sudden financial gains will be the highlight of the month. Take a break and go on a holiday!


If you are seeking a job change, do it this month. New friendships will be built. This is the best time for you to study and/or make investments.


Watch your expenses. Picnics or excursions will be fun. You will overcome hurdles if you keep faith in yourself and your near and dear ones. This month is pure family time!


If you want to avoid firing from your boss, you must pull your socks up! Do not take hasty decisions. A long journey is on the cards. Remember, health is wealth.


If you have been waiting for something to happen, this is the month it will. You may experience lethargy at work. An increased interest in spiritualism likely.


Expenses on refurbishment or renovation likely. Avoid being aggressive. Good news will come through this month. Take care of your health.


Travelling abroad is a good idea. A major change is waiting to take place. Promotional or incentive gains likely. Avoid getting into legal issues.


Avoid being emotional, it may lead you to taking risky decisions. Rationality is the key! New relationships on the cards. An exotic holiday will beat stress.


You may embark on a pilgrimage. Financial gains likely but expenses must be kept in check. A change in your job or profession is highly possible.


Keep yourself away from viral fever this month. You may also be prone to accidents and injuries, take extra care. An incentive or a promotion will come your way.


Students will benefit the most from this month. Those employed maybe in for a change of assignment. Minor aches and pains can be avoided by adopting a healthy lifestyle.


Financial gains will come with unwanted expenses. A family function or get together will bring you joy. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you maybe taken for granted.


Haste makes waste! Try and avoid staying out of legal matters. This is a good time to travel for work that has been pending. A small turbulence in your personal life will only be temporary.


You may find yourself bored and lethargic at work. Plan a weekend trip with family, tis is a great time to travel. Finances look good this month, take it easy!


Take care of overstraining yourself. Watch your words to avoid hurting others. This is a good month to make investments. Friends and family will stand by you.


A little exercise can do wonders. A job switch is possible. Students must work a little harder. Aggression will take you nowhere. Stay positive, think positive!


A property transaction will come through. You must be extra cautious at work to avoid silly mistakes. A business meeting will make you travel. Take care of your health.


Postpone government work like applying for a passport or licenses. Avoid taking emotional decisions. Financial gains will come your way. This is a good month for businessmen.


This is a good month for money matters. Take care of straining newly built relationships. Anything that needs legal attention must be postponed. Travel on the cards.


This is the month of growth for you! Finances, career and relations will flourish. Travel will be beneficial. Spend time with your family to unwind. Take care of your health.


Inclination towards spiritualism or religion is possible. Decisions taken with the guidance and advice of your elders and well-wishers will be best. Sudden financial gains will come your way.


A promotion is on the cards. Something that has been pending will materialise successfully. New relationships will be built. Take care of your health.


Any hurdles will only be temporary. Property transactions will yield profits. This is a great month to spend time with family. Travel will be fun. Guard yourself against viral fevers.


A job change is on the cards. Finances look good. Long distance travel is possible. Keep your aggression is check. Early to bed, early to rise makes on healthy, wealthy and wise!


You must think twice before you act! Do not take any decisions emotionally. Take care of your health. This is a good month to start a new venture to break the monotony.


You may splurge on picnics and outings; however, you must be cautious of over spending. Work will be fun if you focus and work hard. Good news will come through. Take care of your health.


The advice and guidance of your elders will help you make the right decisions. There is a definite growth in finance and career. You may relocate for higher studies. Overall a good month.


Haste makes waste. Think things through. New start-ups or ventures will yield success. You may embark on a pilgrimage. Stay out of legal matters. Take care of your health.

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