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Numerology – For March 2017


Good month for students. Unexpected financial gains likely. Avoid travel if possible. Minor disturbances in career and will be temporary.


Take care of health. Picnics and excursions highlight of this month. New relations on cards.


Overall expenses likely to increase. Health needs care. Good month for those employed.


Sudden financial gains and travel overseas likely. Postpone important official work. Health needs attention. Keep temper under control.


Keep temper and speech in check to avoid hurting near & dear ones. A promotion or increment on cards. Travel if must.


Change at work place likely. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Health needs care. Financial gains likely.


Resist urge to be lazy. Take care of health. Avoid hasty decisions. Happiness through travel.


May face obstacles at work. Good month for employed professionals. Relationships will be good. Good time for students.


Financial gains likely. Minor disturbances at work. Friends can be counted to help. Health needs care.


Success in whatever you do. Postpone travel plans to next month. Long pending payments will come through. Overall good month.


Travelling long distance lands brings success. Health needs attention. Favourable month for students. Financial gains or increments seen.


Good time for students. Hard work brings success. Expenses needs control. Health needs care.


Long distance travel possible. Your attempts bears fruit. Avoid hasty financial decisions.


Increments and promotions on cards. Avoid initiating any new official work. Minor disturbances at work front seen as a temporary phase.


Job change likely. Expenses could pinch the pocket. Travel seen for work or leisure. Health needs attention.


A well-deserved break brings happiness. Avoid hasty decisions relating to property. Finances good. Resist urge to be lazy.


Minor obstacles at work. Month favourable for students. Finances satisfactory. Health may be problematic.


Friends supportive in tough times. Avoid hurting others. Avoid travelling this month. Unexpected windfall gains likely.


Workplace irritation could be troublesome but temporary. Postpone travel plans unless urgent. Finances in your favour. Take care of health.


Health needs attention. Month favourable for students and working professionals. Financial gains likely.


New relationships will be built. Family outings and picnics bring joy. Take care of health. Postpone travel plans.


Travel on cards. Health needs care. Favourable month for students. New relations will be built. Finances good.


Impulsive expenses need to be controlled. Health needs attention. Growth in career highlight of the month. Travel beneficial.


Avoid signing legal agreements. Travel likely and beneficial. Sudden financial gains seen. Work may slow down.


promotion on cards. Increments or unexpected financial gains will bring happiness. Avoid travel. Month favourable for employees.


A change in work place likely. Finances to be good. Take care of health. Keep expenses under check. Overall good month.


Travelling brings happiness. Avoid being lazy. Property decisions be postponed. Good month for students. Health needs care.


Minor obstacles at workplace. New relations may be built. Good month for employed professionals. Travel will bring financial gains.


This is a good month for students. You may face minor obstacles at work. Travel will be beneficial. Overall this is a good month for you.


Expenses must be kept in check. This is a good month for working professionals. Take care of your health. Promotions and incentives are on the cards.


Try to avoid travel as far as possible. Minor disturbances at work will be temporary. Finances will be good. This is a good month for students. Take care of your health.

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