Numerology – For April 2018


You will be in a position of responsibility. Do not take decisions based on rumour and gossip. Control your temper. Channelise your ambition into perfecting your work. Spend time in the company of true friends who do not hesitate to give you frank advice.


Your unconventional approach and solutions are appreciated. You are likely to come under anxiety and depression; stay away from conflicts. Do not indulge in speculative activity.Remain open and truthful in domestic matters.


Monetary gains and larger responsibilities are indicated. Plan carefully and deliver on your promises. Spend time in religious pursuits. You will be inclined to go against the current rules; use it to achieve a productive outcome.


Your ability to convince people will work in your favour if you ensure that you do things that benefit others. Politicians will be at the height of their skills. Those in media and communication will thrive.


Monetary gains and expanded roles are indicated. People will be drawn to you for your wit and razor-sharp thinking. Superiors will appreciate your worth.


You are at your creative best, which will bring recognition and monetary gains. Do not be lethargic. You will seek the company of friends and nightlife. Make sure that you spend time with your family.


You will be caught between indifference and craving. Unexpected gains are indicated. Be flexible. Be empathetic towards others; they may not be able to match your pace.


To earn colleagues’ and family’s trust and loyalty, you need to deliver on your promises. Do not enter into arguments. This is not a good time to take a loan.


Channelise your impulse into working towards predefined goals. Be patient and you will see through illusions and rumours. Do not enter into arguments. You may need to work harder than usual to deliver results. Drive carefully.


Recognition and a position of higher responsibility are indicated. Overcome restlessness by focusing on the finer details. Exercise to expend excess energy. Take the advice of elders and ascertain facts before giving your response. Remain calm in family matters.


Your knowledge, quick grasp, and communication skills are appreciated. Those in creative and writing domains find success. Be truthful and do not fall prey to illusions. Take the advice of elders.


Expanded responsibilities and monetary gains are indicated. You will tend to think out of the box; leverage it to gain maximum advantage. Those in creative, legal and communication domains will find success.


Negotiation and diplomacy will settle disputes. Partnerships in businesses will find gain. Social gatherings and holiday travel is indicated. Spend time in the company of your spouse.


People will trust you for your ability to respond quickly. Do not be impatient or reckless. Recognition and respect will come your way. Take care against allergies.


Fame and monetary gains will be yours. Those in creative domains will be at peak performance. Focus on the work and do not let yourself be distracted. Control your aggression.


You may feel unaffected by rules and feelings. To counter that, refocus on the effect you have on others. Trust yourself and do not react to perceived insults. Take the advice of superiors.


Misunderstandings can arise, remain truthful and stick to the facts. List your goals and channelise your energy into attaining them. Spend time with your family.


Your unending energy will combine with quick grasp to bring gains and recognition. Do not speak out of turn. Colleagues will respect you for your quick decisions, but do not speculate or take risks.


You will not be satisfied by the recognition and gains that you receive. Focus on the silver lining or anxiety can beset you. Think before you speak, take the advice of elders and well-wishers. Do not act based on speculation and rumour.


Creative individuals find themselves at their peak. Partnership businesses will find success. Job change is indicated. Social gatherings and holiday travel are indicated. Be satisfied with your gains.


Do not lose heart at the delay in gains reaching you. Donot lose your self-confidence, gains are around the corner. Spend time with family and friends. Remain calm in domestic matters.


Recognition and monetary gains are indicated. Do not enter into arguments. Be flexible. Do not speculate. Take care against viral infections.


Success and fortune will come your way. Your communication skills are your strong asset and those in sales and publishing fields will find success. Do not react in domestic matters.


Diplomacy and negotiation will bring gains. Be consistent and helpful to colleagues. Minimise the time you stay away from your family. Creative pursuits will be beneficial.


Stay away from legal matters. Continue to work with diligence. Channelise your energy towards positive outcomes. Do not be critical.


Monetary gains and larger responsibilities are indicated. Remain patient with partners and colleagues. Do not take hasty decisions regarding family.


Those in creative pursuits will find fame and monetary gains. Do not make hasty decisions. Spend time with your family. Holiday travel and social gatherings are indicated. Drive carefully.


Assess the project before you commit to deadlines; once you give your word, deliver the work within the promised timelines. Do not speak out of turn. Respond only within the scope of the question. Express gratitude internally for the things that you receive. Do not argue.


Leadership position, recognition, and monetary gains are indicated. To sustain the gains, you need to work as a team member, use diplomacy, and offer your help to colleagues. Do not enter into arguments or react to rumours and gossip.


You will be at your creative best. Monetary gains and larger responsibility are indicated at work. You will find smooth progress in your undertakings. Take care of your diet.


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