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Numerology – For August 2017


Financial gains but expenses need control. Handle Government contracts with care. Work concentration needs improvement. Avoid hasty decision when dealing with property matters. Career change likely.


Finance and career upbeat. Take advice before taking important decisions. Handle family and friends with care. Control aggression in speech. Legal wrangles will be resolved. Travel beneficial.


Promotion on cards. Career growth looks promising. Help from elders and colleagues forthcoming. Government contracts bring profit. Travel to holy places seen.


Financial gains on cards. Long distance travel and job change bring good portends. Speech needs control and health too needs care. Postpone government related work and legal entanglements.


Students need to hard work. If possible avoid long distance travel. Profession and career prospects may bring disappointment. Control wasteful expenses. Those in government and legal field will find it easy going.


Travel, picnic and purchases on cards but expenses could go out of control. Avoid laziness and concentrate on work. Health needs attention. Take care while dealing with family matters. Friends need subtle handling. Take advice of elders.


Sudden gain in finance and long-delayed work may come to fruition. Avoid hasty decisions. Concentrate on work. Pilgrimage and outings likely. Health needs attention.


Lethargy in work could create problem with superiors. Avoid liaison work and legal entanglements. Take advice of elders before embarking on property investments. Health needs care. Change of work possible. Control aggressive behaviour.


Sudden financial gains seen. Avoid property-related work. Speech needs control while health needs attention. Postpone travel if possible. Change of working place likely. Long awaited dues materialise


Financial gains but expenses need control. Avoid work related to government agencies and property-related work. Take care of health. Concentration in work needs improvement. Pending works will be cleared.


Job transfer may bring disappointment. Avoid impulsive action. Sudden financial gains seen. Don’t be aggressive when provoked by strangers. Health needs care. Laziness in work counter-productive.


Travel can resolve old problems and dues. Good time to come out of legal entanglements. Career prospects good. Watch expenses. Family relations need special attention.


Government works can bring unexpected financial benefits. Travel to holy places likely. Avoid haste in property matters. Career change seen. Health is good. Progress in career.


Avoid government and legal tussles. Be cooperative at work place and concentrate on work. Unexpected travel likely.


Travel best avoided unless in emergency. Health needs attention. Career graph slows. Students need to work hard and need to take care of health. Risky ventures should be put off. Job switch seen


Control expenses on travel, picnic and purchases. Laziness may bring unwanted attention from superiors. Health good. Elders advice needed to resolve knotty problems. Financial gains seen.


Religious travel likely. Gains from long awaited work may bring happiness. Career change likely.


Work load may increase for office-goers. Avoid unnecessary liaison work and legal suits. Health needs attention.


Lucky month as hard work brings handsome returns. However, property related work needs deft handling. Aggression in speech and behaviour can bring trouble from law. Travel on cards. Career switch likely.


Control aggression in speech. Pending legal suits will be resolved. Travel beneficial. Finance and career looking up. Elderly advice needed in family disputes.


Gains from investments. Career prospects bright. Avoid taking up work of government agencies. Health needs attention. Legal hassles may resolve if tried hard. Travel bring happiness.


Good prospects for those taking up finance as career. Take advice and avoid hasty decision. Control aggression in speech. Legal problems will end. Travel may lead to salubrious places.


Tough month but elders and colleagues can help overcome difficulties. Government contracts beneficial if handled with care. For some travel to holy places seen. Important decisions can be put off. Friends and family relations need attention.


Unexpected financial benefits may accrue. Long distance travel bring change in outlook & health. Control aggression in speech. Legally a good month. Health needs attention.


Difficult period for students and concentration in studies needed. Postpone travel if possible. Career growth slow. Legal hassles best avoided. Travel brings positive changes. Government contracts bring fruitful gains.


Control aggression with friends and family members. Take advice of elders and avoid haste in taking decisions. Finance and career prospects good. Health needs attention while travelling.


At office, be careful with work to upset superiors. Travel to holy places likely. Health needs attention. Aggression in speech could land in legal troubles. Old legal cases may be disposed of in your favour.


Taking up liaison work not advisable. Don’t ignore elder’s advice in property or legal matters. Maintain calm at office. Travel beneficial. Watch relationship with family & friends.


Change of job likely. Long awaited dues may materialise. Financially good month. Take care in sale & purchase of properties. Maintain calm when provoked by strangers to avoid legal wrangles.


Benefits from government contracts. Travel to holy places bring peace of mind. Promotion and growth in career seen. Help from elders and colleagues can avert danger.


Financial gains. However, expenses can pinch the pocket if purchases are not controlled. Career prospects good. Beware of being duped. Health okay. Government contracts boost revenue. Overall a good month.

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