Numerology – For June 2018


You will gain recognition at the workplace. You need to resolve things through negotiation. Colleagues will come to your aid. Don’t let delays build pressure on you. Social activity and travel for pleasure are indicated. Those in creative fi elds will fi nd success.


You will be able to put in great work behind your ideas and see them through to success. Those in research and creative fi elds will thrive. Your generosity and politeness will bring support and people will look up to you. You will be inclined towards acts of philanthropy.


Recognition, leadership role, and higher opportunities along with monetary gains are indicated. Those in legal, arbitration, and academic fi elds will thrive. Superiors will come to your aid. You will be inclined towards philanthropic and religious activity.


You will be highly energetic with plenty of ideas. Discuss with the experts to narrow them down to the most relevant ones and work diligently. Do not indulge yourself excessively. Do not speak ill of others. Holiday travel is indicated.


Your analytical ability, quick thinking, and high energy can make you take hasty decisions. Sleep over important matters and discuss with colleagues and those with experience. Creative individuals related to singing, acting and dancing will fi nd progress.


Your ability to resolve people issues will draw them towards you. A highly creative period for artists and writers. Social gatherings are indicated in which you will be the centre of attraction through your wit and generosity.


You will be rewarded with larger responsibilities. You will be caught between the desire to take quick, hard decisions versus convincing teams. Work with humility and generosity. You will be drawn towards spiritual activity.


You will work with commitment and dedication, yet you might be stressed and anxious at the work place. Trust in yourself. You will be drawn towards philanthropic activity.


Monetary gains will be delayed. Expenses will be on the higher side. Creative individuals and those in the performing arts require focus and commitment to maximise their gains. Do not overindulge yourself. Drive carefully.


You must balance your ambition and need for recognition with the need to genuinely help others. Monetary gains could be lower than expected. Do not let it be a cause for frustration. Take care of your family.


You will be able to couple your generosity with the ability to negotiate and fi nd a balanced solution. Creative individuals will fi nd recognition. Social gatherings and pleasurable activity are indicated. Enjoy these with family and friends.


Monetary gains and leadership role are indicated. Your determination, energy, and wisdom will enable you to successfully complete projects. Take care of personal matters. Creative individuals in the performing arts will thrive.


Your ability to come up with out-of-the-box ideas will bring recognition. Give a patient hearing to others’ ideas. Do not discard them without consideration. A great time for creative individuals in their output and quality of work. Do not speak ill of others or gossip. Do not speculate.


Recognition, higher position, and monetary gains are indicated. People will seek your advice for your quick thinking and analytical abilities. Those in auditing, academic and legal domains will thrive. Domestic peace and social activity is indicated.


Work hard and make the most of your creative abilities. Domestic happiness and social gatherings are indicated. Do not indulge yourself excessively. If you wish to have something done at home or at work, do it yourself.


You could experience some ups and downs at work. Deal with them with patience and acceptance. You are likely to feel detached from family and comforts. Spiritual activity is indicated.


You will be drawn towards taking unexpected decisions after long delays. Those in research fi elds will fi nd recognition. Remain calm to ensure domestic peace.


You are likely to face a period of ups and downs. Do not let it build anxiety, it will pass. Maintain domestic peace and spend time with family. Do not overindulge yourself.


Recognition is indicated at the workplace. Your determination and action-oriented approach will bring success. Act based on the spirit of the rules. Spend time with your family and be empathetic towards your spouse.


Those in the writing and publishing fi elds will thrive. You are likely to indulge yourself; do so with a sense of balance. Take the advice of well-wishers and experienced people. It is a good time to focus on others rather than yourself.


Expanded roles and responsibilities are indicated. Assess the task at hand before you give your commitment. You will continue to enjoy domestic peace and children’s success. Holiday travel is indicated.


Creative individuals will be highly productive. Those in political roles will thrive. You will be able to bring opposing teams together through negotiation and arbitration. Those in the performing arts will thrive.


You will be able to combine your ability to grasp the subject quickly with wisdom and insight to experience progress at the work place. Subordinates and colleagues will be supportive. You will also be able to bring consensus by making others see your point-of-view.


Recognition will come your way. People will turn to you for your ability to bring opposing teams to accept the middle-ground. Be generous and do not count your share of gains. Don’t let fi nancial ups and downs bring anxiety.


Assess the project before you give your commitment. Colleagues will fi nd it hard to understand you; open up and discuss issues with them. Sleep over hard decisions, do not take hasty decisions.


Monetary gains are indicated. Rather than indulge yourself, save for a rainy day. Colleagues will come to your aid. This is an emotionally vulnerable period. Meditate and undertake philanthropic activity to bring a sense of balance.


You will be prone to take impulsive decisions. Discuss matters with colleagues and well-wishers before you leap to conclusions. Your generosity will be appreciated.


You are on the cusp of receiving recognition and larger responsibilities. Those in academic, publishing, and creative fi elds will fi nd success. Superiors will be of support. Monetary gains are indicated.


Your generosity, ability to mediate, and bring about an agreement that is satisfactory to both sides will keep you at the centre of action. A good time to purchase property or a vehicle. Spend time with your family and take care of their needs.


Delay in monetary gains is indicated. Do not let stress and anxiety build up. Those in the fi eld of research will fi nd progress. You will be inclined towards spiritual activity. Spend time with your family.


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