Numerology – For February 2018


Your leadership instincts will carry more weight since you will accommodate others’ views. Your will be particularly good at communicating with teams and clients. Those in advisory and consulting roles will find gains. Younger siblings will come to your aid.


You will find yourself sensitive and diplomatic, which will strengthen relationships with personal and professional partners. Social activity with friends and family is indicated. Watch your expenses. Creative individuals will find commercial success.


Before you accept a higher responsibility, assess the scope, manager, and team or you will be inclined to step out of it prematurely. You will be drawn towards spiritual pursuits.


You are likely to feel unsettled, and it will be difficult for you to have a positive outlook in life. To continue through this phase, focus your efforts on work and in helping others. Spend time with family and friends.


You will be restless and will seek change and travel. Set yourself a schedule which allows for the restlessness. Choose roles that give you flexibility. Those in writing, communication, public relations will gain.


Recognition, success and monetary gains are indicated. Communicate your position with tact, and superiors will be supportive. With peers and juniors, do not be critical. Understand that they are not likely to meet your stands of perfection.


Do not flout authority and guidelines. Work within the boundaries to achieve lasting results. You will be withdrawn and seek isolation. Take up a hobby that keeps you occupied during these periods. Spend time with family and friends.


You may be overcome by anxiety and depression. The solution is not withdrawal, but reaching out to people. Create a schedule that fits your goals and adhere to it, opportunities will open up. Communicate with openness and help will reach you.


Restlessness and doubts about the validity of what you have undertaken will beset you. Complete your responsibilities. Work with discipline and say no to requests that deflect you from your schedule.


Your quick, logical decisions will be appreciated. Avoid distractions and focus on seeing projects to then completion. Juniors and younger siblings will give support. Those in communication, education, writing and analytical fields will find gains.


You will be drawn towards correcting the governing system, at work, in government, or at home through diplomacy. Those in creative fields will find recognition. Domestic pleasures and happiness are indicated.


You will be at your creative and intelligent best. Coupled with your ability to lead teams with empathy, you will receive unexpected recognition and expanded responsibilities. Do not take on more than you can handle.


Work with determination and precision, but do not overwork to the point of exhaustion. Do not give in to rumours. Be flexible in order to bring in new ideas, or you will be frustrated without apparent reason.


Do not let insecurity and rumours stall you. Remain open and communicate your thoughts to others. Choose work that is structured, yet gives you flexibility. You will be happier working on projects whose results are visible periodically.


Your creative and analytical instincts will bring recognition, success and a leadership role. Those in creative, arbitration, education domains will find success. Meeting others socially on the work and personal fronts is indicated.


Leverage your need to work in isolation to good use by undertaking creative pursuits and responsibilities that require solo work. Unexpected gains will follow. Spiritual pursuits are indicated.


Unexpected gains and opportunities are indicated provided you reach out to people. Spend time with family and friends. Do not isolate yourself.


Recognition and monetary gains are indicated. Remain calm, think before you speak. Take up physical exercise. Take care against viral sicknesses.


Step back to broaden your perspective. This will help you analyse situations. Combined with your energy and passion, it will bring success and recognition. Watch your emotions, do not take hasty actions based on your emotions.


Out of heightened sensitivity and perception, you are likely to go overboard in helping others. The help you offer should enable people to get back on their feet. You will spend pleasurable times with family and friends.


Focus your efforts to leverage your imaginative skills and energy. Don’t dissipate your abilities by taking on too much. Spend time with family and friends to balance your work.


Turn your focus towards planning the practical details with precision, otherwise fear and anxiety can overcome you. The planning can bring out your creative and intuitive best and allow you to accomplish that which is considered impossible.


You will be at your analytical and intuitive best. Coupled with energy and passion, you can achieve recognition and monetary gains, provided you focus and work with discipline.


You will be at your creative best. You can leverage it effectively if you curb restlessness and remain focused. Monetary gains, recognition, and travel are indicated.


Couple your clinical analytical thinking with empathy to get the support of colleagues and superiors. Follow the broad guidelines even if you find these restrictive. Balance working in isolation with team work.


You will be at your creative and analytical best. Combine it with planning and discipline, and results will follow. Do not enter into arguments. Religious pursuits are indicated.


Unexpected gains are indicated. Do not give up a task midway. Communicate with calmness. Drive with caution. Make the extra effort to maintain domestic peace and to retain relationships with partners.


Do not give in to fear and anger. Emotions can overcome you and you are likely to withdraw from discussions and company. Resist these impulses, work with diligence and results will come sooner than you think.




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