Navzer Irani


Government policies are in a constant flux as change is necessitated by a policy of space available for residential and open spaces in the centre, writes our columnist, Navzer Irani, a leading Mumbai-based architect, and member of the Council of Architecture and an associate of the Indian Institute of Architects.

THE golden ratio would surely be effective if applied to historical buildings of statures and the results of that study needs to be amplified with ideas useful for design especially size of room in proportion to the building being planned. The relationship is between the golden ratio and all size of rooms, openings, in plan and elevation.

Government policies are in a constant flux as change is necessitated by policy of space available for residential and open spaces in the centre namely for acting as lungs and views. Hence high rises are the way forward with combination of sky villas as penthouses on top of towers.


Infrastructure is a very important aspect for urbanisation as space is a constraint, so roads and metros get stacked up.

Hence the design follows a particular need and architecture follows mainly keeping place, form and scale in mind.

Climate changes are taking place all over the planet and architecture to suit has to follow. Here Vaastu plays an important role in aligning the building and its shape plays an important role.

Vaastu inculcates discipline into design as it does not encourage round and triangular structures which makes placing of furniture difficult and wasting valuable space. Hence a judicious mix is necessary by a good designer.

Finally a great design culminates from a proper brief by the client and it calls for back and forth design emerging into what the client wants in the correct style.“Form Follow Function” is the hallmark of a great architect but infuse that with Vaastu discipline and a proper design emerges which is correct as it blends with nature.

When you do a doctorate you pick a specialty within the chosen field and expand on it.

I am sure there must be someone out there doing it and others who must have already achieved levels of experience as guidance partners and that alone is enough to assure skeptics that people are doing studies in various fields and only then deliver results – hence Vaastu is a special field which is doing that much ‘extra’ based as so many truth’s learned over the years and just like yoga whose time has come Vaastu is not far behind.

Smart cities have a long way to go when compared to the West, but the root has taken place and infrastructure is being planned – the troubles, pitfalls are many. The main being that population increase is not in sync with the infrastructure growth – so all these new ideas that the government has are necessary; only they have to be made accountable.

It’s so easy to simply criticise – the difficult part is doing. So however small your contribution it is adding up for the collective good.