Modelling the Next Generation

Our Hong Kong-based columnist is Chairman, CEO and Chief Cybertect of James Law Cybertecture

The young architect programme for young minds by Cybertecture

Young minds are not just easy to train but they are like dry soil which absorbs every drop of water. Young minds can be moulded and shaped. My experience working with and teaching young students not only motivated me but I was also at the receiving end.

The young architect programme is for students who aspire, dream and believe in an aesthetically sound and environment friendly architecture. This is for students to experience design, architecture and the life of an architect by attending a programme of learning and working at the studio of James Law Cybertecture in Hong Kong.

Theprogramme teaches students through workshops on sketching, technical drawing, computer modelling and innovative design. An architectural design studio guides students to design a building of their own, culminating in a presentation of their design to their peers and parents.

The course is a collaboration between James Law Cybertecture, The Kitchen Digital, and Hong

Kong Science & Technology Parks Corporation. The 2015 Young Architect Cybertect Programme is a summer course for secondary school students at our studios. The course also teaches Design, Innovation, Technology and Architecture.

It is designed to teach aspiring designers some key attributes through a series of workshops, studios and visits. The key attributes are conceptual thinking, visionary thinking, architecture design, software and electronics, team work, presentation skills, information skills, information architecture, making models, thinking about the future and research.

We teach the participants the importance of design to shape the future of the world and to have the values that will be necessary to drive healthy innovation in their careers in the future.