Mind House, Barcelona, Spain

The entrance gate of the park is framed with two gingerbread houses; one being topped with the toadstool, the other having a toadstool along with a cross-shaped window on the front wall. The Mind House, as it is known, tops the 10 creative buildings of the world.
The promoter wanted to sell the homes as mansions, but failed to do so. Finally, it was sold to the government, which converted it into a park. Of the seven dozen homes which were planned, only two were built for promotions.
The house has three floors and an attic, with the roof painted in a white and grey checked pattern. Outside the gates there are wide staircase with the fountains, Catalonian coat of arms and a huge mosaic lizard, which has become the symbol of Barcelona.
The staircase leads to the top of the hill where the huge terrace is positioned, surrounded by the long winding bench. The park terrace serves as a roof for the hall, embedded in the hill.