Creating a home décor which suits one perfectly takes ample time to truly amp up and gain popularity. Topping the list of many is the trend of metallics. Metal finishes and paint began popping up last year, but 2018 comes in with more of the metallic shine lustre. Let us look at the top metallic home décor items you could use at home:


Want to add some shine and glamour to your home?


Accommodating metallic accent pieces is just what you need to do.
This includes anything you could easily place on a shelf or a table top. For example: animal sculptures, quirky vases, tea pots and many other similar items.

Furniture evidently takes up all the visual space, making it necessary to pick the right one, not just in comfort but also those that are trending and meet your home décor theme.
When you’re trying to incorporate metallic furniture at home, one requires a bit of finesse and perfection, especially if you’re a DIY fan.
Going into a metallic glaze finish in your furniture not only adds elegance, it also is amazingly easily to do so.
Incorporating a gold coffee table, champagne storage ottoman, or updating the existing handles in furniture with metallic ones, your home is sure to experience a makeover.

For those who love to be bold with their taste in design, adding a matt finish to a wall will be a good option. Choose between your favourite shade in plain or wallpaper, making sure you don’t make it too flashy.
You can also use metallic tiles in your bathroom and make it look jazzy. In case you choose high reflection tiles, make sure you are careful or probably just skip using mirrors to help it give the most appropriate metallic look.
While we think metallic wallpapers are good on walls, they add the same level of boldness if used on ceilings as well with a beautiful chandelier.