Meditation – Deep Thought

Are you cooking with your heart and soul in it? Are you listening to music becoming one with the lyrics and the melody? Are you running on the treadmill with every thought of yours given to your limbs, heart rate and speed? If you’re doing any of these, you’re meditating. Yes, you surely meditate sitting still on a cushion with your eyes closed and listening to the voice commands of a master. But you do meditate when you do anything that you LOVE to, when you give something a deep thought with openness of mind or try to throw yourself away and befriend who you are.

The Sanskrit word “yoga” means “union with the divine”. The stretching exercises that we in the west associate with yoga were originally designed, thousands of years ago, to help the practitioner gain control of their own life force, a spiritual energy known as Kundalini. The stretches, however, are not the only aspect of yoga. Meditation is also a key facet of yoga. Ensure you choose the right location and prepare yourself adequately, your yoga meditation will be a very beneficial experience.

Why to meditate?
For general well-being and health, meditate. For quality sleep and reduced stress levels, meditate. For improved strength, will-power and healthy relationships, meditate. Yes, for better concentration, change in outlook and no frustration, do meditate. Want to cure your diseases, reduce/gain weight, fulfil your dreams, have a better life; give it all that it takes but do make it a point to meditate. Give yourself commands, visualize your changed self, imagine you have already become what you wish to. And, after you’re benefitted, do advocate the wonderful habit to others.


How to meditate?
Do every single thing that you do with awareness. Be in the moment. Know why you’re doing that thing, how are you doing it and whether you’re doing it well. You need not sit at a quiet place and urging inner peace to come. Mind is a monkey. It keeps jumping. Let it! Bring in total awareness in the act; you could be working out, listening to a dear one, singing a song or driving on a busy road. Be mindful. Do every action with thorough concentration. Soon you will realize that all that you do, you do it correctly, you do it well and you do it much faster!