Man, Mission & His People

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the most transparent world leaders. His thoughts and ideas are articulated on his web sites and readers are encouraged to enter into healthy debates. Interesting news items and ideas, expressed by other publications are also featured on the sites.

We capture a series of interesting items that appear on his official sites. We reproduce some of these pieces for the benefit of our readers every month. Many of the items relate to the latest developments in the world of politics, international affairs, defence, business, manufacturing, and social trends.

Here are some of the items that appeared in the media in August:

Modi tells CEOs to boost farmers’ income


Organic farming way forward


Organic farming & allied sectors can empower farmers and increase their income, Modi said.
“Farming is not merely growing wheat, mustard or pulses. It ought to increase farmers’ income and that is possible if focus is laid on its allied sectors,” Modi said addressing Bharatiya Agri Industries Foundation (BAIF) seminar in Pune through video conferencing.
“Since global demand for medicinal and aromatic plant species is growing, India can meet the demand by cultivating medicinal and aromatic plants by organic means. Chemical fertilizers can harm public health and let us eschew it, he said pointing out to the emerging huge market for natural produce.
Today machines can extract fragrance from flowers and Gujarat’s Dahod tribals have shown how it can be done without incurring huge costs through floriculture. “They sell (flower) extracts in the cosmetic market and it has ‘huge potential’ for organic farming in the northeastern states,” he said.
Without empowering farmers dream of a new India will remain a dream and this to happen farmers should double their income by 2022, he said.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged businesses to help agricultural economy grow so that the goal of doubling farmers’ income is achieved by 2022.
At a seminar of NITI Aayog recently, he said government is looking for private investment in food processing industry to build export capacity in agro-products to achieve doubling of farmers’ income.
The seminar sought suggestions from 200 chief executive officers (CEOs) on achieved fast paced socio-economic progress, Modi laid stress on growth of agricultural economy even suggesting Diwali gifts for promoting khadi products. He regretted that Rs1 trillion worth of farm produce going waste every year for want of storage infrastructure. “If financial institutions (along with real estate) can help in making such infrastructure, it will lead to multiple benefits,” he said adding “Each one of us can become a soldier for ushering in modern, prosperous India.”

Diwali khadi gift coupons


If the corporates gift khadi coupons during Diwali it will encourage people to help the poor, Modi said.
Addressing CEOs at the ‘Champions of Change – Transforming India through G2B partnership’ organised by the NITI Aayog, he said, “You give coupons for purchasing goods then why not khadi coupons as khadi gifts this Diwali?” he asked.
“I am not saying people will start wearing khadi after receiving the gifts. If you have 50 varieties of fabric one among it can be khadi,” the prime minister said.
For poverty eradication, one must create an atmosphere conducive in helping the poor. The problem of poverty is a chronic one and has to be addressed in positive manner for real change to occur at the ground level,” he said.

Modi best PM: Survey

The India Today Group-Karvy Insights Mood of the Nation (MOTN) opinion poll has showed Prime Minister Modi way ahead of other leaders in Pan India popularity. The NDA alliance popularity is far better it was in 2014.
The survey conducted from July 12-23 covered 19 states, comprising 97 Lok Sabha constituencies and 194 Assembly segments. It gives NDA renewed confidence to face 2019 parliamentary poll.
If elections are held today, NDA will bag 349 seats, UPA 75 seats while party wise BJP will get 298 seats, improving its tally of 282 seats in 2014. Congress will win 47 seats. The BJP’s vote share now comes to 35%, while Congress’ 20%.

Triple talaq ban welcome

Supreme Court’s historic verdict banning triple talaq as illegal and unconstitutional will go a long way in empowering Muslim women, Modi said.
It is timely and it relates to women empowerment,” he said in his Independence Day speech.
For those Muslim women who waged a lonely battle against triple talaq, Modi had a word of praise: “I pay my respects to these women who led a miserable life due to triple talaq and yet started a movement which echoed throughout the country.”