Living it up – Country-Style!

While designing a home or a farm house, opting for Country style architecture allows the use of natural materials in traditional ways that often bring in natural light, ventilation and the serenity of the outdoors through the use of materials like terracotta, wood and stones.


The Country Style type of architecture is often considered unobtrusive and natural in character that proves to be quite valuable at times of progress. Apart from the main benefits it offers, country style encompasses precious beauty, reflected in the style’s diversity and a sense of naturalness. This style is unique for every country; the most famous are English, French and American types, demonstrating the rural charm of each of them through simple things, known since childhood.

Decor and furniture
Country style means pristine materials, embodied in the interior items, its covering and decor. While nowadays it is almost impossible to live without modern consumer electronics, yet if you would like to embody the features of this style within your house, it is better not to display modern appliances, but to conceal (build in, hide) them.

Natural materials
It is unusual for country style to use plastic, linoleum as well as glazed surfaces, as it favours only natural, of true nature materials, used for home decoration.

Walls could be covered with paint or wallpaper with delicate ornamental tracery, while the ceiling is often decorated with wooden beams, highlighting the country style atmosphere.


Practicability (usability)
Country style will perfectly suit you, if you prefer a comfortable, everyday life-adapted and practical interior with the items, easy to clean, wash, relocate and demanding minimum costs and time to care about.

Bedroom Country Style
Country style will create a cosy, tranquil and laconic atmosphere in bedroom thanks to the visually pleasing palette, simple surface treatment and nice accessorizes in the form of desk lamps with textile abat-jour, figured napkins or a cover of patchwork.

The ceiling in country-styled bedroom should be just whitened; however sewing it round would be the best option. Walls should be smoothed out, ceiled or covered with wallpaper with floral pattern.

Living Room Country Style

Designers usually highlight the fireplace, decorating the chimney`s portal with tiles or stone masonry as well as with firewood baskets, hammered candlesticks or plates or even a wooden-framed landscape picture.
Whatever country’s spirit is reflected in the ideal country style, it is always a key to the pristine wilderness, cosiness as well as a home and a bit naive way of life, possible to be seen in the village.