Latest Tile Trends

Tiles modify the whole concept of the room, be it the living room or bathroom, applied as a backsplash, flooring or showering around- tiles can make a stylish statement in every room of the house. The latest trends of tiling include the various trendy shapes, colours and styles of the tiles that are making the spotlight this year.



This vintage bathroom trend is much preferred style by the decorators when it comes to tiling styles. The selection of wood-look designs can withstand the splashes and common spill of kitchens and bathrooms. One can get this rustic style with porcelain tiles that looks like a natural variation of wood planks or white-washed wood designs.

Remodelling your house with tiles brings out a whole new vibe and a new look, exploring the variant and adding some accessories to this trend, summarise the whole look in a perfect way.


Even though it’s exactly a new trend but this luxury looking spa bathroom trends are here to stay. Small, slender and accessible marble bricks are particularly desirable now. Variants like decorative marble mosaics, chevrons, hexagons and penny-rounds are preferred marble trend. This matte finished tiling style gives a more sophisticated feel and speaks for the place itself.

Textured tiles bring life to the mundane lifeless room. From subtle surface texture to embossed tiles, texture is defining the trend of 2018. Adding an element to a hard surface creates a softness and creates an identity to the room. For an eye-catching feature walls, stylish bathroom tiling or splash embossed on kitchen walls brings character to the entire surrounding