INDOOR WATER FOUNTAINS to soothe your Homes and Office

Those looking at creating an extra space of calmness and serenity into their homes or offices can look at investing in an indoor water fountain. Indoor fountains increases or balances the water element as per Vaastu. Water represents money and is also related to income. As per science, fountain creates a positive environment as well. The sound of flowing water is believed to provide a calming and soothing effect and, for that reason, water features are a good addition to any living area. Team Urban Vaastu finds out…


Wall Mounted Fountains
are the most popular type. They are generally rectangular in shape and can be vertical or horizontal depending upon your preference. They are very easy to install and can be mounted on any type of walls with the help of a bracket system.

Floor Fountains
are quite similar to the wall mounted fountains with the only difference being that, these fountains sit on the floor. These fountains are perfect for lobbies, hallways, decks, patios and entryways.


As the name implies,
Tabletop Fountains
are designed for smaller spaces and meant for use on a coffee table, countertop, desk, or an end table.