Set specific goals
It is important to be specific about your goals. One should not just haphazardly rush into “getting better”. Be precise and set measurable goals that you can check on and achieve. One should set big, extra-ordinary goals, then move ahead to intermediate goals and then move along with week-by-week short-term behavioural goals, so that you can action and marks off as your progress.
We understand that goals are essential but setting superficial and unrealistic body goals delays the process of achieving them. Set your goals and take it seriously, and work towards achieving it and expand on them with a full, vivid and inspiring vision of what you want your life to be. Include where your fitness and health goals fit in, then read it daily. Thus, you ensure you start acting consistently in ways that get you closer to that vision and all of your goals.”
It’s about purpose, not motivational clichés
It is impossible to feel motivated each time you go the gym. Nobody is motivated all the time— it is something that naturally fluctuates from day to day. If you are only going to go to the gym when you are motivated to go then you will not succeed for the long haul. Rather, find your purpose. Really spend some time thinking about the changes that you want to make for your health and fitness, and why this is important to you. This will provide you with a purpose to keep going to the gym, even on the days when your motivation is lower.”

Challenge yourself
With that being said, it is important to set some challenges and pursue to finish to on daily basis. Set daily, weekly and quarterly challenges and brick by brick, finish it.
Example of challenges could be: ‘complete 3 x 4km run’, or ‘attend 2 spins classes’, or even ‘swim 1km 4 times. This will keep your training interesting as you have a new challenge each week. You can even do the same with nutrition challenges.”

Get others to push you.
The best way to go about this is actively seeking external accountability. Find a friend, colleague or someone also on a fitness journey and share your goals with them — all of them. You must be vulnerable and share the big ones, then each weekly short-term goal, and ask for them to hold you accountable, while you return the favour. Also, put the big ones on social media. “

Ensure Variety
This is a great way to really see what the gym has to offer and to find out what type of exercise works best for you. It’s far too easy to fall into the same old routine, so trying new classes will keep things fresh and interesting.

Don’t go home first
It’s common to get home after a long day at work with the good intention of going back out again to the gym, but in my experience, most people go home, sit on the sofa and don’t get up again.


“My advice is to try and go to the gym straight after work and avoid that tempting sofa altogether”.

Be active anyway
“Find a scenic walk that you enjoy, or organise to do something active when you catch up with friends such as rock climbing or tennis. Also, remember that the gym offers many options — if you feel like a quiet day then look up when the next yoga class is scheduled.”