How to choose the right GYM


Most of you might have the feeling that you need a well suited gym to cater your need to achieve a goal – set or innervate your passion towards workouts to a next level. Choosing a gym these days is easier said than done. There is a legion of gyms out there and all of them are different in a way or the other. If you join a gym where you are uncomfortable, just keeping up with your commitments could be toilsome. Worst, you might end up quitting and wallowing over the money you wasted. Therefore, it is really important to consider a few factors to avoid a galling experience.

use your goals as a screening criterion: Your goal can help you decide the kind of gym you want to join. For example, if its bodybuilding and strength training, you might want to choose a gym with a spacious weight section. If it is staying healthy, then choose a gym with a good range of equipment for improving cardio vascular strength and a spacious free area.

locality: Locality is very important as the gym should be easily accessible. If it’s close to your house, you can go whenever you want.

working hours: You should check whether the working hours of the gym suit you or not. As, a gym that closes early might not be a good choice for people who work till late hours.

clientage: A lot of gyms cater to a specific group of people. If you are a woman, a male dominated hardcore strength training gym might sound a little intimidating. The most important thing is, that you should be comfortable working out around the people.

equipment and other facilities offered: you can check for the following things:

Dumbbells, bar weights and barbells: if or not, there’s a good range of these weights and the weight section is spacious enough to not get over crowded.

Weight training machines: should be well maintained and precise in effect

Equipment for cardio vascular training: whether or not there is a good number of properly functioning treadmills, cycles, etc.

Different brands of equipment present

Group classes for zumba /pilates/any other form of training being offered

Maintenance: Make sure that all the equipment are well maintained and none of them is broken.

cleanliness: One the most important factors.

You must make sure that equipment is cleaned at frequent intervals. The bathrooms/changing rooms/ saunas are not dingy.

The gym should offer clean towels or ask people to bring in their own. The gym should offer a prompt service if the equipment is dirty/ covered in sweat.

staff: The staff should be courteous and supportive.

They should be willing and qualified enough to take care of all your doubts. You can also enquire about the certifications of the trainers.

cost: Generally a good gym tends to be costly but then it’s better to pay a little extra than paying less and ending up in a cave.

Try and not to fall for long term contracts.