Home Décor Velvet is back

The fashion world keeps evolving, so do the trends in home décor. We realised the colourful trend of velvet furniture is back

Resurfacing a contemporary setting which emphasises classic and elegance to one’s home décor, this trend is sure to stay in the minds of interior designers.
The use of velvet in home décor adds liveliness and signs of vintage, and it is also important to match the colour, print and shine to the personalities of the members living indoors.


While there were only limited options available in the velvets of the past, today one can find numerous options not only in colours but also in prints. You need not have your entire sofa, or the headrest of your bed laid in velvet texture. Many people simply opt for the smaller and lighter
side of the use of furniture. You could opt for a small throw pillow or a pouf.
While one might think that velvet might look too heavy and bold, it need not necessarily be the case. If you choose something simple which is tassel-free, paired with some mixed textile, it will help the drapes from looking too dated and over done for the room appearance.
If you’re a fan of keeping elaborate dinner parties and wish to make your dining room unique, you could refer to velvet chairs. Velvet seems to be versatile here because it can resist the staining and can be tuned perfectly for a formal, funky or the traditional wood-leg chair style.
If you’re a fan of the 60s Boho trend, then the crushed velvet style shall be your new loved texture. Perfect to be laid out in a bedding pattern, to rock this trend with

perfection pair it up smaller pieces of furniture or a full on-board boho design.
If you have a white painted wall, you could easily opt for sofas with bold colours which helps bring out sophistication making the other surroundings seem opaque yet important.
For a dark painted wall, one could opt for the golden glow velvet fabric which will not only enhance the dark background but also add its own important colour hue as an added advantage.