HOME DÉCOR TRENDS All about Sofas and Couches

Couches and sofas are one such piece of furniture, if well designed, can bring comfort, style, joy and sense of completeness in a homes’ décor. It is important to upgrade your living room with this view and a piece of furniture that will set the tone for your interiors and design. It is also important to invest in this piece of furniture keeping in mind current trends, aesthetics, fabrics, silhouette and your lifestyle.


CONSIDERING the popular trends of 2019, it is essential to consider the following aspects:

SIZE: When buying a new comfy sofa, like any furniture, scale is crucial in making a new addition in the room. From a compact, studio apartment room to a giant living room, it is important to take a note on how the placement will affect the traffic flow, work with existing furniture and how many people it can seat – along with their design style. Silhouette and fabrication should never be overlooked as well.

PRACTICALITY: It is important to realise that best quality and practicality are not mutually exclusive. The best sofa that you can afford should brought by keep practicality in mind; a major priority as couches are pieces you will live with for a long haul. So, aspects like clean fabrication, lightweight construction for easy moves, neutral upholstery to ensure that they look great in any scale.

STYLE + COMFORT: While considering the best sofa option for your home, one should always put style and comfort together and never prioritize one over the other. Seek out the most comfortable couch that is high on style as per your personal aesthetics.

COMPACT-COUCHES: Two-seater couches in plush velvet upholstery makes for some of the best quality couches available thanks to their thick, sturdy, and easy to clean fabrication that also takes years to show signs of daily wear.

LEANING-IN SYMMETRY AND CURVE: Boasting symmetrical curves and a slim silhouette, the curved sofa is sure to become a conversation-starter, thanks to its memorable silhouette and soft colour palette hue.


CONVERTIBLES: To get the most use from couches, opt for smart convertible designs that doubles as a spare guest bed, when needed.

L- SHAPED SOFAS: L-shaped sofas make for great options when shopping for couches that are a tad dramatic, perfect for tight corners, and excellent for lounging on – especially for a den or family room.