Guide to basic Gym Etiquettes

With the onset of winter and the New Year resolution season just round the corner, many of you would be planning to start off a new fitness regime soon. Following is a basic checklist of things to be followed / done while at the gym.



Do’s: Carry a gym bag with an extra t-shirt, towel, deodorant and a separate pair of gym shoes, and water bottle exclusively for the gym.
If you tend to sweat a bit too much, changing t-shirts in between workout would ensure you feel fresher while completing your sets. A separate pair of shoes for the gym is advisable as many of the workouts done could require additional traction / support which used sports shoes may not be able to provide effectively.

Dont’s: Avoid too much of deo
While applying a bit of deo prior to a workout is fine, do not use excess of deodorant’s before or in the middle of a workout. Being a closed environment the strong smell of the deo could be an irritant for many without you being aware of it.

Do’s: Taking a break between sets.
It’s advisable to take small breaks of 20-30 seconds between sets as suggested by your trainer. Many a time people rush through their workouts without paying emphasis on proper form or motion.

Dont’s: Too long breaks and wasting time.
While brief breaks are advisable, taking too long breaks tends to cool your body down and leads to loss of momentum and focus on workouts. Many people tend to get on their phones or get busy chit chatting which should be completely avoided while at the gym.

Do’s: Using equipment correctly and rotating sets
Always consult your trainer before using any gym equipment. Only when you’re completely confident of the correct posture and form should you venture out on your own. Place the dumbbells and other gym equipment at its relevant place after you’re done with your workout. Share your sets with others who are waiting to finish their sets.
While these are some pointers, I am sure that as you go along, you’ll discover -many of the points to be followed on your own.


Jojo Varghese is a fitness coach.
He can be contact at or (+91) 8511333884