Goal & Approach


It is critical that we help in the construction of sustainable, breathing spaces that foresee and accommodate India’s great urban growth. Hence, the goal of Urban Vaastu is to nurture and support the principles of science and art to create public and private spaces that enhance our quality of living.

Urban Vaastu does not limit itself to factual information, but is based on evaluation and balanced comparison against universal principles of architecture.

This means that, for every fact that we present, we first evaluate it from the eyes of the planners, citizens along with involving the economic interests and then measure it against the best examples from around the world.

Our Approach

Urban Vaastu incorporates the approach to highlight best practices and positive outcomes that encourage us in all spheres, including the public and private sectors.

We also discuss the negative outcomes to caution and to encourage the best practices. Hence, we ensure that our articles are not reactive, but are responsive to urban issues and practices.