Do compound exercises for most effectiveness


If you spot someone holding a piece of equipment but taking longer rest periods between sets, I find that the request that sits best with members is: ‘may I please jump in while you rest?”

“Realize what your weakness is and work on it,” says Gospel. “Avoiding what you need to work on will only result in an injury or an imbalance later on.

One of my clients, Gordana Drakulic is doing everything right. She is eating well, she’s training hard on her own and she has actually achieved her desired look, strength, health and energy. However she has scoliosis, a curvature through her spine, so she sees me once a week for Pilates to help correct her posture and stay lengthened and flexible. This means Gordana can keep progressing through her training and stay safe from injury.”

COMPOUND exercises burn more calories and maximize return from your time spent in the gym. “Doing a full body workout using as many muscles as you can at once will burn the most calories. If you are not sure what to do then join a class, especially small group training classes, as they use a lot of full body dynamic movements and are fun and motivating at the same time. Always tell the instructor if you are new or returning to the gym so they can keep an extra eye out for your form and posture”.

Start with resistance training (weights) as soon as you’re comfortable. “This is vital to a healthy body and strong muscles, bones, joints and connective tissue. Plus it helps to regulate or lose body fat. Just be conservative with your weights to start with and slowly increase them as your strength and confidence increases. You must, however, progressively overload your body in order to ensure progress continues.”

“A lot of people are frightened of asking to share equipment in peak times, says Susy Natal. “In a public gym people do not actually have the right to hold equipment unless they are using it at the time. That being said, sometimes people will be super-setting with very short rest periods, and if this

is the case then it’s generally polite to allow them to go first, but the good news here is that because of the intense nature of such exercises, they tend to be done fairly quickly.

Jojo Varghese is a fitness coach.
He can be contacted at or (+91) 8511333884