Design ideas for your private heaven

All great minds and inventors alike have had their ‘eureka’ moments here. It’s also ‘the go to place’ for personal space, much needed ‘me time’ as well as the place to go to rejuvenate and cleanse ourselves. The Bathroom thus plays an important role in our lives, and doing it up just right just enhances the overall personal experience…

Today, modern bathrooms help create a feeling of space, contemporariness and simplistic designs. Using of geometric shapes and patterns, clean lines, minimal colours and vintage furniture are trending these days.

These minimalistic trends and colour palettes for your private heaven allows your mind to re-clutter from the stress of the outside world and becomes a sanctuary for self-comfort. From bright and cheery to sophisticated, modern – bathrooms have come a long way in transforming dull bathrooms into a fantastic, refreshing space.

Elegance and Antique: Scented candles, dainty handles, antique mirrors and English prints can transform any normal looking bathroom into a boutique hotel.

Simple and Minimalistic Design: Simplicity is an organic way to celebrate clutter free space. Using built-in shelving and cabinets to hide unwanted items and choosing geometric shapes for the ceramic tiles to add to the overall character, without hindering the minimalistic idea.

Adding Greenery: Keeping house plants in the bathroom creates a connection between indoors and outdoors. Adding an indoor plant or two will justify the whole organic touch to bring out a balance between utility and natural, organic space.

5 Tips for Simplistic Bathroom Decors:
• Place small white flower pots on shelves as it adds to an organic feel
• Hang framed modern prints for colour
• Add floor-to-ceiling mirror
• Showcase concrete and wood elements
• Skip the “pop of colour” and opt for white and grey towels