Design comes to us naturally and we do sketch a lot.

Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers (AANDH), headed by the husband wife duo of Aamir and Hameeda are well-known for delivering chic, refined interiors with luxurious finishes with occasional bursts of daring colour or modern geometrics. Their extensive and versatile body of work ranges from interior design of residences, corporate offices, retail stores and hospitality spaces.

Tell us something about the beginning and your philosophy for design?
We started our design firm in the year 1999. Our design philosophy is simple and clear. No two projects of ours is similar, and they never match. We love discovering our clients’ vision and approach each project with an open mind to create something unique. Our interest in global and local trends in fashion, lifestyle, travel and design is reflected in our varied palette of retail spaces, breweries, restaurants and residential projects.

Interestingly, both of us share a common philosophy — interior design should be both functional and innovative. And this very philosophy combined with our principles that make us so popular among our clientele. We both are passionate about creating bespoke experiences for our clients — something that has helped us thrive while tackling assignments and customising designs to our clients’ lifestyles, desires, functionality and budgets. As a result, our creations also reflect their thought processes and design styles.


List of projects taken?
“We have created such a huge palette of designs – no one project of ours is similar to the other – that sometimes I am amazed at what we have done.

Residential projects are our forte, though we have designed more than 47 restaurants and bars in Hyderabad alone in the last eight years.

Initially and even today we struggle a lot with competition everywhere and people who are jealous of you will always try to pin you down.

But we believe if you keep a straight approach and work hard with good designs and are helpful to people around you, then you will definitely go far in life.
Since we have been doing this for the past 20 years now, we try hard to take our city on the design map constantly and now even international recognition is helping us.

Our customers are small vendors, simple housewives, ministers, film stars… just about anyone! But there are only so many projects that we can take, so we are a little choosy.”

Most unique project taken till date?
“The most outlandish project would be a 10,000 sq. ft apartment in Dubai, where I really had to go over the top as the client wanted the space to be done entirely in white.

I personally don’t like white as a colour, but I took it on as a challenge and the end-result, if I may say so myself, was quite spectacular.

I used bright pops of colour to balance out the white and the result was astonishing.

The pride of our achievements include N Grill in Hyderabad, Prost in Bengaluru, a boutique called Floor Deck in Hyderabad, actor Suniel Shetty’s boutique called More Mischief, Allu Arjun’s farm house – these are all some of our most talked-of projects.”

Mantra for success?
“I firmly believe that a good designer should always be able to pen down his thoughts.

All I ask for is a free hand to create. I can then keep other factors in mind and give you


the best possible design for your space. Design comes to us naturally and we do sketch a lot; we also get inspired by architects from all over the world.
In addition to being meticulous and having smooth work styles, we have evolved both professionally and personally since starting our entrepreneurial journey. Both of us have changed over the years. Hameeda has become a better person — more caring and more patient with the people around her, and Aamir have become more impatient and annoying. But with an 80 per cent success rate with clients, one should be happy.
This Hyderabad-based interior designer couple largely uses a palette of industrial material — unfinished concrete walls, rough blackboards and rusty metal sheets. And judging by the number of projects he and his team are working on, his claim is completely justified.

• The duo has won many national and regional awards for excellence in design including the Hafele Trends Excellence Award in Interior Design in 2016 and 2017 as well as many other awards by the Institute of Indian Interior Designers.
• They were also listed as No. 7 in the Forbes List of Interior Designers and Architects to watch out for in 2010.