DECLUTTER YOUR SPACE: Minimalist Home Décor Tips

If it doesn’t spark joy, be gone with it, says Marie Kondo (De- clutter celebrity) who teaches people to get rid of clutter from their homes. Decluttering your home means organizing it in a category of items with the specific space.



THE feeling of a freshly spruced and made space is the everlasting feeling of completeness. Contrary to the theory of “messy people are smarter”, studies have shown that women who lived in cluttered environments are likely to have higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol.

With a busy lifestyle, keeping homes clean requires daily diligence, and becoming minimalist means keeping the tone of your house simple and gravitating towards the design that keep the space organised and plain. Pairing things down to the basics and ditching the extravagant style can do wonders for your sanity

and for the segment of your house, not to mention this style looks super sophisticated, modern and sleek.
From monochromatic minimalism to laid-back luxury, this simple approach is now everyone’s favourite, but it is not as simple as it looks.

Light colours such as white and beige along with understated neutrals, tinted greys and pastels are intrinsic to minimalist homes.
Subdued hues rule here from biscuit to greige, the clean-cut, fresh looking inspires a sense of calmness in the whole mood.

Just because classic minimalism tends to be colour- averse, the planning doesn’t have to be bland, a perfect combination of colour with the base of white gives a warmer and creamier appearance, while blue undertones give a crisper look.

A space with an abundance of natural light is likely to have a warmer undertone, using a cooler shade balances the whole space, whereas go warmer, if the room is artificially lit with LED or fluorescent lights.

A strategic introduction of solid pigments with base is an excellent idea, fuse well with the neutrals such as earth-tone browns, blues, tans and greens.


No matter how simple minimalistic décor looks, pairing the essential and decorative furniture is trickier than usual.

You really must consider each piece and analyse its purpose before it becomes the part of your home, each piece should be multifunctional but pristine to look at, which means the result should be more thoughtful and considered.

Your goal is to create a space that anyone would want to spend time in.

Invest in classics that will stand in test of time, your best option is to stick to evergreen classic home décor trend than blindly following the trend.

A well-made piece will last forever, withstand the daily use with the test of time.

What is the use of multiple pieces of furniture that serves the same purpose? More than efficiency, it looks like you are hoarding stuff.

When you first buy your apartment, suddenly the empty drawers, cabinets and cupboards are filled with non-essentials and unused

products, cluttering your headspaces and occupying the room in your home. To prevent this dilemma, go for the standard, ‘One in, one out’ rule, for every item that comes into your home, something else goes out.

This way you avoid buying the same items for one use and hence keeping your home away from clutter.

Tips to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle

 When you look around, do you see piles of paper (mostly unread mail and bills), keys, shoes and random objects making their way to the kitchen counter? This is the time to analyse your routine, lifestyle and how you can make it better.
 If you are truly looking out to embrace the minimalist design and feel, start by clearing the surface. Ask yourself what needs to be eliminated, what can be stored and what items aren’t essential and then organize as per priority.
 Be consistent with the process, you might be frustrated with the process and coming back to a fresh and clean room is a heaven to the sight.
 You will find there’s more you can simplify each time, to make sure your surfaces stay clear, give everything a special spot and stick to it.
 It is advisable to tone everything down and abide by the ‘less is more’ approach. With, don’t think your new décor has to boring. Some minimalistic houses can be beautiful, warm, rich and inviting.


Clearing the clutter with ‘One in and one out’ rule and ‘Quality over quantity’ but for a few stragglers hanging around, going for stylish storage allows the chaos to live inside while still appearing chic on the outside.

This is great news for those who love the minimalistic look but are true maximalists on the inside.

You don’t have to forgo your collector past, but the mindset of a hoarder must go.