Culture of Telangana


Carrying a culture ageing back to 5,000 years, Telangana is now also known as the cultural centre of the Indian Subcontinent.
While Telangana’s dominant religions include Hinduism and Islam, the religion of this region is no less varied as there was a dominance of Buddhism up till the 6th century, along with the influence of the East India Company and British Raj and emergence of Christianity from 1701 onwards.
With influence of various festivals on this region, it is home to a number of festivals with Bathukamma falling into the category of uniqueness. Bonalu is another Hindu festival celebrated in remembrance of Goddess Maa Kali.
The major distinct cuisines of this region include Telegu and Hyderabadi. Dry coconut, red chillies and tamarind are the staple ingredients of the Hyderabadi cuisine. The credit of the art of slow cooking or Dum Pukh could be given to this region!
Every region carries their own ancient dance tradition and Perini Thandavam is the famous ancient dance for males. The other widely famous dances in Telangana are Gusadi Dance, Kuchipudi, Tribal Dhimsa Dance, Lambadi Dance, etc.