Cover Story


TRADITIONAL business families have dominated the Indian trading and manufacturing sector for decades. Many of the business groups were comfortable with the fact that their operations were controlled, which prevented competitors from entering the markets.
However, economic reforms, liberalisation and the dramatic changes to laws have virtually impacted all businesses in India in recent years. Many of the staid old business groups, which refused to see the new changes – or accept them – have seen their operations getting hurt, even forcing them to shut down (or sell) their businesses.
But a new generation of business leaders is emerging at the top of some leading corporates in the country. They may be scions of industrial empires, likely to replace ageing parents. However, they have struggled hard by studying in American and European universities, where merit is the only thing that matters.
Our cover story this time features many of the emerging and young business leaders, who have obtained degrees – and even post-graduate qualifications in business management – from some of the most respected universities abroad. They worked for a while in top international companies, returned home, joining their family groups in relatively lower positions.
And now, after a few years’ experience, they are heading new groups within their family businesses, or taking command. Read their fascinating stories over the next few pages, where we feature interviews with these budding entrepreneurs and capture their views on a range of subjects.


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