COLOURFUL kitchen trends

THERE are several trends in home décor (including some that are clichéd) that we see emerging every other day. Every woman dreams of a kitchen that will be the best, yet unique and matching the interiors of her home.
One of the latest trends in kitchens is that of it being personalised. Women are opting for a combination of different colours in the interiors, somewhat changing the trend of keeping a single colour.
The mix of striking colours with woodgrains continues to have a powerful impact, which eventually leads to an interesting yet different concept. Let us take a quick walk at the different kitchen trends now in the market.
It is a trend preferred for people with a ‘luxury’ taste; and when one is to upgrade from laminate to natural stone, this sure boosts the look of one’s kitchen to a feeling of grandeur.

Opting for a linear and ‘plain, handleless’ look is the new trend, especially if you’re a fan of the godly look. A simple yet modern style, predominantly in gloss finish, many homemakers prefer it as it gives their kitchen both a sleek and flexible finish.

A major colour trend that is emerging is greyish and earthly tones, which shows that homemakers are opting for simple and neutral colour options, with the handles being in copper colours and stainless-steel materials.


While the trend of incorporating black and white has been popular for long, there is a sudden rise in the use of the grey as well. While white and black are considered as the combination of elegance, the use of grey on cabinets might be the latest trend.