Cool Trends


How frequently do you forget your pen drive or just lose it? For all the trendy ladies out there this stylish necklace pen drive will help you to carry your drive easily leaving a style statement.


Roses Chair

Add elegance to your home décor with the Roses chair from Vibieffe. With their great personality, they can bring character to the inside and outside of any location. Roses is a range of chair, armchair, two tables with different shapes and dimensions, in metal laser cut.

Vibieffe has been working in the field of upholstered furniture since 1967. The creations are by renowned designers and architects working for Vibieffe; their signature is forged into the objects they create, to make them unique.



Looking to add multiple shapes to your living space? The proposed leather ottomans from Vibieffe will soon help you play with your furniture. They will be available in three different shapes: square, pentagonal and hexagonal and all of them can be joined through leather buttonholes and wooden buttons.

Using elements of different colours will make original and chromatically varied compositions possible. At the same time, you would be able to play with different volumes, creating unique- looking combinations each time.

This handy piece of furniture which often doubles as a coffee table, a side table or as additional seating will be available in various shapes and sizes, beautifully designed by “Nicolaus Gottsche”.


Table Lamp

Lights play a crucial role in making you feel warm and welcome. This soothing table lamp can help spread calm and peace in your home.

Made of MDF, this durable lamp can definitely be a mood booster. Priced at `3110, this can be an excellent gift too. For positive vibes in your home and for a lovely decorative item, turn to this table lamp from Fab Furnish.


Moka Express by Bialetti

Something for coffee lovers – the classic household coffee-pot from Bialetti.

For a perfect aroma-filled cup of coffee, Bialetti Moka Express would be the perfect choice.

The only one to bear the unique mark of the ‘little fellow with the moustache’, the Moka Express produces a rich, authentic espresso in just minutes. The unique, eight-sided shape allows it to diffuse heat perfectly to enhance the aroma of your coffee.

Moka Express is the world’s number one coffee-maker and holds the record for being the most copied coffee-maker. Manufactured in over 200 million units, the Moka Express is available in various sizes – from one-cup to 12-cup capacities.


Citrus Spray

Want to get the most juice out of a lemon without squeezing or creating a mess?

Turn to the Citrus Sprayer. It is a unique lemon sprayer which effortlessly extracts every last drop of juice out of your lemons and limes without having to squeeze them. With just one press you can even spray the juice all over the food.

It’s simple to use – simply cut the top of a lemon or a lime, screw the twisted stem of the citrus sprayer into the fruit and the product is ready to add flavour to your food.