Cool Trends

Mota Smart Ring

US major Mota has come up with a smart ring, which will keep you connected with calls, emails and social media with a touch screen feature, compatible with IOS and Android.
It has a unisex design; and don’t get worried if you feel that you’ll have to keep removing the ring every time you wash your hands – the smart ring is water resistant.

Zensorium Being smartwatch

This is a wearable device with a unique twist of being able to record your mood and having the ability of telling if you are distressed, excited, calm or normal.
Based on mood sensing neuroscience algorithms, the sensor is set up to track heart-rate and blood pressure to determine your stress level.

Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

It is one of the most convenient portable wood and gas stove ovens. With the capability to cook a Pizza in just 90 seconds, it is extremely light. Also enables you to convert it into a barbeque, enhance your garden or camping experience with a compact yet light oven.

Klove Knob

It is a gadget that has successfully revolutionised cooking styles, as you do not have to buy a new stove. This knob can be easily fitted into any modern stove, and provides you with voice-assisted interactive recipes and useful safety features.
Known to work as an interactive cooking timer, you can tweak it to check the cooking time based on the vessel the food is being cooked. The device provides you hundreds of safety precautions.

HiMirror Plus

Are you passionate about beauty? Wish there was an easier way to solve your beauty worries and queries with perfect professional advice? Well, here is HiMirror Plus which will do just this with perfection.
With the help of a high-tech mirror, it will analyse your skin and also let you know if you’re developing any dark spots or wrinkles. It also has the capability to see if the skin products you are using are working with positively.


While upcoming technologies have never failed to surprise us, here is one more gadget which will be helpful to your little one as well.
Dozer, a cuddly sheep will help your little one sleep with utmost comfort. Looks just like a regular stuff toy, but it can also play music to soothe your child to a good sleep.
This cute stuff also analyses which song helped your child sleep the best and for how long, which makes it a complete device unique to every kid.