About Urban Vaastu

Urban Vaastu, in its own small way, hopes to contribute to the solutions for the challenges thrown up by the rapid urbanisation we see around. With India being one of the fastest urbanising countries of the world it’s somehow hard for us to deny the issues that surround us as a nation.

Urban Vaastu will provide a platform for experts to discuss and try to remedy the various issues that surround us. From a pallet of different topics to choose from readers will be enlightened with the information we provide and cater to for a better world.

Urban Vaastu touches areas like urbanisation, various policies, it’s implementation and the comparative study of cities in India and abroad. It also focuses on economic development, inclusive growth of social and physical infrastructure, architectural beauty as well as the creation of green environments. Along with topics on heritage and culture in addition to topics related to the ancient Indian science of Vaastu.