A True Gift to any City – GIFT City in Gujarat

GIFT City is being positioned as India’s first Global Financial & IT Hub between Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar in Gujarat. Named amongst the top three prominent business hubs in the world, India’s first under-construction Smart City promises to be a true example of the nation’s future…



The Gujarat International Finance Tech-City or popularly known as GIFT City is an operational business district and smart city within the Ahmedabad Metropolitan Region and promoted by the government of the state. This high-profile project has imbibed futuristic ‘smart city’ features that has been introduced in India for the first time, like district cooling system, underground tunnel and automated waste collection. This man-made highly functional city is constructed keeping in mind the mobility, residential and commercial complexes.

The GIFT City has been set up through a Joint Venture between the Government of Gujarat. The main objective of developing such a city is to enhance the skills of in-house designing, development, financial growth and maintain an international financial repute in the technology sector in the Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar area. It is represented by Gujarat Urban Development Company (GUDC) and it considered as a technology marvel in the urban development of the state.

Located on the banks of the river Sabarmati, at a distance of 12 kilometres from the Ahmedabad city’s international airport, the GIFT City has been constructed keeping in mind its all-round accessibility to the State and National highways. With the upcoming metro system in Ahmedabad, the GIFT City will be also connected to the metro connectivity through the airport, other parts of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar.

The development of this man-made city is designed as a hub for the world finance services, more particularly for the connectivity of infrastructure, transportation access, clean and automated waste management access have been integrated into the design of the city. The construction plan reflects a sophistication and well-planned approach that integrates the program for the development of the city.

It is expected to become a contemporary model as an example of urban development, advancing and accessing the ideas of sustainability and waste management. It optimised the facilitation of residential, commercial and real estate values.

Infrastructure of GIFT City:

Water Supply and Sewage System
1. The water sources for the system: Narmada Main Canal, Recycling and Reuse of Waste-water and Rainwater Harvesting
2. 24 hours water supply
3. Zero-discharge City
4. Perennial water front through the barrages on river Sabarmati

The vision is to construct one of the reliable, efficient and sustainable power distribution company.
Centralised power back up in the same network.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
1. Financial Institutions
2. Data Centre Server Farms
3. VOIP Network
4. Residential and Commercial servers

Solid Waste Management
1. Automated Waste Collection system (AWS)
2. Minimize space requirement and human intervention
3. Waste Treatment through Plasma Technology


District Cooling System
1. Chilled water distribution through underground tunnel
2. Reduced energy cost through diversity and operations-management

Utility Tunnel in GIFT City
GIFT City is being developed as the hub of global finances and infrastructure with excellent planning, engineering and designing with latest technologies. The GIFT City developed the vision of “Digging Free City” by constructing the tunnels across the city, which nullifies the process of excavating the roads in future for repair and maintenance of any utility. The provisions are made in the tunnel for smooth access, proper drainage, maintenance and security.

The tunnel is divided into two sections: Wet and Dry and they are physically separated from each other. Wet section carries the utility related to water, while the dry section carries power and cables.

Benefits of GIFT City
1. Creation of more than 500,000 direct and indirect jobs.
2. Providing financial incentives and world class infrastructure
3. National and International hubs of IT and ITeS companies, finances and commodity exchange, data centres among others.