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Numerology – For September 2017


Financial gain accrues. Pending issues see resolution. Control aggressive behavior and hurting others. Property investment bring dividends. Postpone long journeys. Avoid self-medication.


Life is eventually a road to self-improvement. Learn to control emotions that if left uncontrolled can lead to unwanted troubles. Keep away from litigation. Financial gains foreseen. Relationships need understanding. Don’t ignore advice of friends in crucial property matters. Government contracts beneficial. Health needs care.


Career growth seen. Students do well in studies. Financial gains come from unexpected sources. Elders need care. Keep them happy.


This month can bring unexpected developments and financial gains. Travel on cards. Focus on work. Keep aggressive speech and behavior under control. Expenses on health will be reduced.


Travels bring happy tidings. Students need to study hard. At work place keep your cool. Gains from investment. Guard against hidden enemies.


Avoid expenses that can be deferred. Health deteriorates if ignored. Outdoor activities seen and picnics and tours on cards. Children bring joy. New relationships can blossom.


Long business trips bring new prospects of growth. Travel on pilgrimage likely and health needs care. Focus on speech control. Don’t give away secrets as hidden enemies are watching you.


Unproductive expenses may mount this month. Put off property related issues or taking up government contracts. Legal issues may crop up. Avoid travel if not necessary. Business may show sluggish growth. Aggressive behavior best avoided.


Financial gains can come unexpectedly. Government contracts can bring gains. Property matters need careful handling. Financial bottlenecks will be resolved. Avoid aggression in speech if provoked. Promotion in career expected.


Time to cultivate new relationships. Many a bad debt will get cleared. Infructuous issues will come to resolution. Change of job seen. Good news for bachelors as marriage is not far off.


Those in education will get fame. For all types of businessmen fairly good time. Pay attention to elders and family. New relationships can bring financial gains. Legal worries will be resolved. Do due diligence before investing in properties. Those without vehicle will get one.


Focus on work or the superiors can make life miserable. Avoid hurting anyone by word or deed. Health problems can worsen if not taken care of. Financial gain can come from unexpected sources. Travel brings much needed mental relief. Some intractable issues see resolution.


Don’t overreact to situation as hidden enemies are waiting to take advantage. Financial gains likely. Property matters under litigation could see favorable ending. Work needs attention and students need to focus hard on studies. Good time for property investment. Avoid travel if possible.


Travel, tours, picnics on cards. New relationships blossoms. Those dating need to avoid telling lies or relationship could be endangered. Expenditure needs to be handled judiciously. Pending property or legal issues can go in your favour.


For those in and out of hospitals care of health is paramount. Business trip could prove advantageous. Pilgrimage seen. Work hard and good news awaits you.


Control rash driving. Government works and property litigation need to be handled carefully. Finance looks good. Some bad debts could pay off thanks to third party mediation. Help others as it can good returns in future. Business sluggish and needs attention.


Financial gains likely. Beware of hidden enmity. Take care while travelling. Deal tactfully with superiors. Career graph looks positive and change at workplace seen. Health needs attention.


Foreign trips can be advantageous for businessmen. This month is to strengthen relationships. Government related works bring more work orders. Health remains good.


Career graph in upswing. Elders and well-wishers can help financially if you handle them tactfully. Property and government bonds as investments can bring good returns. Health of spouse needs attention. Be sympathetic to others.


Handle government contracts with care. Health needs attention and daily brisk walking will be salutary. Finance favorable. Relationships need fine-tuning by controlling outbursts of emotions. Travel beneficial.


Jump in career prospects. Those running educational institutions will see windfall gains. Elders need support and care and mother’s health could be cause of worry. Don’t lose temper with your superiors. Health is good if eating outside food is avoided.


Unexpected financial gains seen. Aggressive behavior can land you in the wrong side of law. Government departments can settle your long pending dues. Health is cause of worry and needs attention. Take medicines regularly. Workplace brings temporary troubles.


Don’t procrastinate with the task at hand. Try hard and financial worries will be resolved. Be cool with family members. A friend may take you on pilgrimage.


Travel or shopping trips bring happiness. Good luck is on its way. Efforts needed to build new relationships. Government agencies act in your favour.


Laziness at work counter-productive. Be wary of being on the wrong side of superiors. Some colleagues may provoke you tact is needed. Pilgrimage to visit family deity on cards. Trip abroad for businessmen bring good returns. Old relationships bring joy.


Avoid legal hassles. Drive carefully on roads as minor accidents could trouble you. Sluggish growth in business set to change. Financial gain seen. Avoid emotional outbursts and keep away from overdose of medicines.


Unexpected gain in speculation. Avoid long distance travel for business. Going to family deity can change your luck. Feed the poor as much as possible. Relationships need to be strengthened. Investment in properties need due diligence. Finance good if impetuosity is controlled.


Old dues see realisation. Don’t quarrel with your superiors. Promotion and change of job seen. Students do well in studies. Elders need love and respect.


Speculations bring gains. Government agencies can give new contracts. Intractable issues resolved if handled deftly. Career growth in upswing. Travelling is best avoided. Don’t be oversensitive when provoked. Differentiate between friends and hidden enemies.


Overall a good month for self-employed. Financial gains seen. Pending property disputes can be resolved by friendly mediation. Postpone travel if avoidable. Mother’s health needs attention. Don’t be provoked and control emotional outbursts.


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